Why Has My Hair Texture Changed from Curly to Straight

For people with naturally curly hair, you might be wondering that one day when you woke up, your hair is suddenly straight! You might be asking the question, “Why has my hair texture changed from curly to straight?”

That’s not magic, it’s science! We got all the answers that you need to know about the sudden change. Therefore, a few distinct things may have been at play if you’re wondering why your hair’s texture went from curly to straight or vice versa.

Reasons Why Hair Texture Changed from Curly to Straight

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Looking for direct answers for your question? Here are the potential reasons why your hair turned straight from being curly. 

Damaged Hair

We’ve all experienced the urge to use the hair iron and hair dryer iron a little more frequently than is absolutely advised, especially when we’re always going out. But never did we know that all this heat can cause damage to the hair. 

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Tying your hair up too tight into a bun or a ponytail can also cause your curly hair to change in texture and eventually damage the curls. If you think you have very frizzy curly hair, you can try to do less of the hair buns, and try scrunching! 

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Scrunching can help restore and maintain the natural structure of your curly hair. Leaving your hair down will prevent overly tugging and stretching out of your natural curls too. Even while you’re sleeping, you should try and let your hair down more frequently. 

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Longer Hair, Straighter Hair

Let’s talk about physics now, but in terms of hair! If you have longer hair, it tends to be heavier. The gravity will do its job to pull down your heavy and long hair, making it look straighter than when it was shorter. 

If you want to prevent this from happening, you can try to have regular trimmings of your hair. This is actually a very healthy routine since regular trimming can remove the damaged areas of your hair, especially the ends. Also, regular cutting can help your hair grow faster, and curlier too! 

Your Hair Got Too Much Product!

For girls with curly hair, I know you have tons of hair products in your bathroom. From moisturizers, creams, conditioners, sprays, and waxes, you have got it all!

Yes, these are all very essential especially for curly hair, but if you’re using them every single day (along with everyday showers), you might be putting too much products on your hair.

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They might be great for making your hair look shiny and soft, but you’re doing a very hard work for your hair. These products are not all water soluble and you might be needing some clarifying shampoo to clear all these products up.

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Aside from irregular curls and straightener texture, you might notice that your hair looks dry, lifeless, and has less volume. You might also be having some issues with styling your hair and frizz. If you notice these signs, your scalp is telling you that you have been putting too much hair products on it!

A Bun in the Oven

Hormones can shift abruptly during pregnancy, just as they do throughout time as people age. In many cases, these hormones can speed up hair development and stop hair loss, so if you’re expecting, don’t be surprised if your hair feels fuller than usual. 

It can even appear to be much more shiny than it once did. Your hair will most likely regain its pre-pregnancy texture once the pregnant hormones wear off, however this isn’t always the case.

The fast hormonal change brought about by pregnancy can change your curl patterns and even the shape of your hair follicles.

So, if you know that you are expecting a baby, don’t be surprised if you notice some changes on your curly hair. It’s 100% normal!

Overall Health

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Did you know that stress also plays a role in the changes in your hair texture? Yes, it does! Just like your hormones, your overall health can affect the appearance of your curly hair and it can make them look straighter. 

Stress is truly inevitable these days, especially with the pandemic and other personal issues that you might have. But, you can definitely help regain your curls by changing your lifestyle, diet, and by making sure that you are healthy. 

You can do all these by having a balanced diet, getting a full 8 hours of sleep, daily exercises, and overall self care. I know that you’ve been putting so much effort into your skin care, but make sure to take care of your health and hair too!

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You can also invest by taking vitamin supplements that contain B vitamins and iron to bring back your curls.

Season Changes

Your hair texture can be significantly impacted by extremely hot or cold temperatures. Long-term sun exposure and severe winters may both be very hard on hair, drying it out and making it brittle and unpleasant to the touch.

Maintenance Medications or Other Drugs

Certain medications – like antidepressants or acne treatments – can affect your hair in a number of ways, including changes to texture. You can always talk to your doctor about these medications and how it affects your hair.


Our hormone levels change frequently as we age, and the same is true of our hair type. You may have had thick, curly hair for the first 20 years of your life and now have thin, straight hair as you are taking over the years of your life. 

The collagen production in your skin tends to decline with age, which results in a loss of the natural oils in your scalp that maintain healthy hair. 

Key Takeaways

Don’t be surprised if your curly hair is changing, because various factors contribute to this phenomenon. While some factors may be inevitable, there are ways to keep your hair curly throughout the years. Watch out for our next article in keeping your hair curly and healthy! 

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