Types of Claw Hair Clip with their Names

A barrette (American English) is a hair clasp that is also known as a hair clip, hair slide, or clasp (British English). Metal and/or plastic clasps are frequently used, and ornamental fabric is occasionally used. When the two metal components on either side of the barrette are pressed together, the clasp opens, securing the barrette in place. Barrettes are worn in a variety of ways, with tiny ones being used in the front and huge ones being used in the rear to retain more hair.

Hair clips are a sort of hair accessory that helps women knot their hair if it is already unruly. This helps to minimize hair irritation caused by the hot weather in the Philippines, therefore hair clips are very useful for women since they help to reduce hair irritation caused by the hot weather. It also enhances the hairstyle if you wish to style your hair with various types of hair clips to suit your desired look. Depending on the length or kind of your hair, you can choose between little and large hairclips. The various varieties of Hairclips available in the Philippines are listed below. Let’s take a look at them!

10 Types of Hair Clip

Hair ClipBest Price:
Hair Claw Clips For Thick Hair$9.99
Rectangular Jaw Clip$4.99
Metal Hair Claw Clips$13.99
Butterfly Acetate Hairclip$12.99
Flower Hair Clip$8.99
Octopus Hair Clip$7.28
Mini hair claw clip$9.45
Bow Hairclip$11.99
Alligator Hairclip$7.99
Metal snap hair clip

Hair Claw Clips For Thick Hair

hair clip 2021

French Design Hair Claw Clips for Women: French Design barrettes with tortoise celluloid patterns not only adorn your hair, but also give you a graceful and sweet demeanor, making you more charming and exquisite.

The large banana claws are constructed of high-quality ABS, which is a robust and durable material that is also very attractive.

Other Features:

  • Strong and Comfortable Hold
  • Non slip
  • Perfect for thick hair
  • Make you charmer and elegant
  • Durable material

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Rectangular Jaw Clip

2021 popular hair clips

High-quality acrylic and plastic components are used, as well as rust-resistant metal springs and an additional layer of protective oil technology to extend the hair claw’s service life. The big claws contain 14 teeth clamps that are non-slip, allowing the hair to be held firmly in place. These attractive big hair clips would be a fantastic choice for you if your hair is lush and easy to cover.

You can wear these hair accessories for ladies to formal occasions such as weddings, ceremonies, and dances, or you can wear them to parties, exercise, travel, picnics, and Instagram shots.

Other Features:

  • Shiny Appearance
  • Simple and Fashionable
  • Suitable for thick, thin, long, short, curly, and straight hair.
  • Non slip
  • High quality

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Metal Hair Claw Clips

popular hair clips 2021

This Large Hair Claw Clip is light and easy to match with any attire. Long hair, thick hair, straight hair, curly or wavy hair, medium-thick hair, and extra-thick long hair all benefit from these enormous, robust claw clips. You’ll adore it.

Clamps for hair Suitable for a wide range of individuals Suitable for a variety of hairstyles and ages. This headband will suit young girls, little girls, adult women, moms, and others wonderfully, as seen in the picture. Integrate seamlessly into your daily routine.

Other Features:

  • High quality alloy
  • Durable
  • Not easy to damage
  • Unique
  • Not easy to fade

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Butterfly Acetate Hairclip

popular hair clip

These butterfly hair accessories are suitable for a variety of situations, including everyday use, parties, ceremonies, and birthdays. It’s great for washing your face, doing your morning beauty regimen, applying make-up, and cooking. It also protects your hair from water while you’re showering.

The two different colors of claw clip are ideal for every clothing, and you may choose one based on your hair color and preferences. Butterfly clips for hair are a wonderful gift for your family, friends, girlfriends, and anybody you love.

Other Features:

  • Durable
  • Light in weight
  • Good hardness
  • Not easy to break
  • Comfortable

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Flower Hair Clip

best selling hair clip 2021

These hair accessories will become a go-to item for every ensemble, whether your hair is in a ponytail, bun, or simply flowing in the wind!

2.5″ diameter flower with a single strong prong that can easily retain thick hair. They’re ideal for holding back wisps of hair while you relax on the beach and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Other Features:

  • Stronger
  • Easily hold thick hair
  • Light weight
  • Single durable
  • Perfect for your style

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Octopus Hair Clip

best selling hair clip

This hair clip may be used on a variety of hair types and is especially useful for fastening loose hair and retaining hair in place when showering. This is appropriate for showers, dormitories, barbershops, kitchens, and other locations

Other Features:

  • Durable plastic
  • Not easy to be broken
  • Good for everyday use
  • Can hold hair well
  • Strong claws

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Mini hair claw clip

top 10 hair clip 2021

These helpful micro hair clips for women’s hair accessories have non-slip grips, allowing you to create great hairstyles for kids and adults without harming your thick or thin hair. They are simple to use and aid in the creation of gorgeous hairstyles,Decroation Buns, and are suitable for girls, teenagers, and women of all ages.

Because these are little things, please keep them out of the reach of youngsters to avoid choking.

Other Features:

  • Good quality
  • Not easy to break
  • Strong Grip
  • Good for daily use
  • Durable plastic and metal

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Bow Hairclip

top 10 hair clip

The silk hair bow has a double-layer design, while the hair bow barrette has a triple-layer design. To increase the hair bow’s endurance, it is entirely handmade. All of the fabrics are printed, and they are light and have a nice feel.

These two material hairpins are perfect for everyday use. It’s ideal for weddings, celebrations, various parties, graduation ceremonies, photo sessions, every day wear, masquerade, and more for women and girls. It can keep your ponytail and hairstyle looking great.

Other Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Not easy to fade
  • Hairpins are not rusty
  • 100% handmade
  • Fashionable

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Alligator Hairclip

best hair clip

Straightening, styling, blow drying, dyeing, cutting, bathing, and even working out are all possible with these handheld crocodile clips. It has two springs that automatically adjust to hold every sort of hair, no matter how much, how thick, or how long it is. They are ideal hair clips for styling and women’s hair clips.

All hair types, including curly, thick, fine, long, or extensions, work well with this product. They also work well as sectioning clips. Ideal for use in the salon, at home, in a bun, or even when braiding your daughter’s hair!

Other Features:

  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Solid texture
  • Strongest clip
  • Perfect for styling
  • High quality

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Metal snap hair clip

best hair clip 2021

You can wear them to work or school, sports, parties, ceremonies, travel, and hang out because of their basic and fashionable design. They can add a pleasant and eye-catching touch to your hairstyle. It is ideal for children, teenagers, mothers, and girls.

Friends, family, wife, girlfriend, classmates, and anybody you care about would appreciate these delicate and vibrant hair clips.

Other Features:

  • High quality
  • Safe material
  • Very strong
  • Durable
  • Make your hair styling

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Are Hairclips Good for the Hair?

They’re great for bangs, shorter layers, and creative multi-clip hairstyles, but they’re also great for fine hair. These Goody clips can be used to hold up parts of hair while styling, to make a half-up ‘do, or to pull all of your hair back.

Many ’90s beauty trends (butterfly hair clips, icy eye shadow, and pencil-thin eyebrows, anyone?) are ones we’d rather forget about. Claw clips, the one-stop-shop for a sleek and easier-than-ever up do, are making a comeback, and we’re totally on board. They’re back in style, plus they won’t harm your hair the way other hair accessories and elastics can.

Claw hair clips are structural and feel current, even though they are a throwback. They are a pleasant departure from the prevalent high ponytails and untidy buns. You can use smaller sizes for a half-up ‘do or to pull back bangs or shorter pieces, but the traditional way to wear them is to coil hair up and fasten the clip on. You can be sure that your style will stay put no matter how you wear them because these hair accessories normally have a strong hold on hair.

Are Hairclips Bad for the Hair?

If you wear your hair in a ponytail every day, you know how important the style is when you’re dealing with the constant effort to keep your hair out of your face for whatever reason. Sure, you could brush it to the side, but it’s a lot easier to tie it up into a ponytail if you’re working out, riding in the vehicle with the windows down, or just attempting to wash your face at the end of the day. It’ll be safe and out of the way this way.

Pins or clips in your hair should not be worn to bed. The metal can sever and break your hair shaft, as well as cause damage to your scalp.

Breakage can be caused by unnatural bends in your hair and the way your elastic is wound around your hair. The more you wear your style and the tighter it is, the more damage it might do…. Try pinning your hair back with a claw that doesn’t pull hairs as firmly if you want it out of your face.

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