How to do Two Strand Rope Twists – Quick Tutorial

Mo Plaits is back with this cute natural hairstyle consisting of medium sized boxes with two strand rope twists and beads for added flair.

What you will need to complete this hairstyle:

Rat tail comb
Water bottle
Leave in conditioner (our favorite is African Pride Shea Butter Moisture Intense or Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk from the natural hair care line Bee Mine which you can get online at and save 10% with our reader discount code COLDUTHM )
Beads or clips

Two Strand Rope Twists

Two Strand Rope Twists How To:
Step 1: Part as small or big of sections as you would like, we decided to go with medium sized boxes.
Step 2: After you’re done parting a section, pin the rest of the hair back to make it easier to work with, and take half of the hair in one hand and half of the hair in the other hand.
Step 3: You’re going to twist both sections the same direction, and wrap them around each other the opposite direction that you twisted the hair in. For example: The twist on the right side will go clockwise and the twist on the left side will also go clockwise. When you wrap them around each other (do not let go of the twisted sections keep them twisted tightly) you will wrap them counter clockwise.
Step 4: You can put beads or hair clips on the ends for a cute and fashionable flair!
And you’re finished, now go try it.. two strand rope twists are a lot easier than ya think!!

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