Saturdays Shappin Hairstyle Triangle Flat Twists And 2 Strand Hanging Twists

This Saturday’s style was the only style from our recent SheaMoisture products reveiw that hadn’t been shown on our “Shappin” Style section, so I wanted to get it up.

This one was a first for me, as I had never parted triangle sections for flat rolling twists before. I started out parting the triangle in the center, then twisted the hair and made 2 more triangle twists, one on each side of the first.  With the hair that was remaining on the sides I did 2 strand hanging twists. As I always do, I had soaked the rubber bands used to secure the twists in olive oil prior to styling. I also added some of the cute butterfly clips I received from Once Upon a Curl. For the hanging twists I added some jumbo beads on the ends, those were also from Once Upon a Curl.

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(Sometimes when it comes to photos and kiddos…you take what you can get, lol)

That wraps up this week’s shappin’ style, hope you all enjoyed it and found it inspirational.

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