Saturdays Shappin Hairstyle Happy Mothers Day Do

I’ve been wanting to do this style on D for a while and I just now got around to trying it. The first thing I did was wash her hair with a “new shampoo” (review coming soon!), I used our regular HEHH (on our last bottle of the old formua). I moisturized with the usual Bee Mine Dejas Hair Milk (which is almost gone, luckily there is a 15% off code floating around for Bee Mine Products!) I also use a little olive oil on her ends and scalp, they needed it. I parted out 6 small squares in front, applied Bee Mine Curly Butter and banded them into ponytails with olive oil soaked bands. 

Next I put the headband on and sectioned each ponytail into and began criss crossing them. I took a small section of hair right behind the headband to secure the criss crossed pieces to. I was happy with the way the top/front turned out, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the back…

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I tried it down…

I tried it in a bun, which I liked…

But I decided I really wanted to use the Curlformers again!

And we loved it! 

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moma’s out there!!!

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