Saturdays Shappin Hairstyle Faux Hawk With A Twist and A Poof

Welcome to this weeks “Shappin” Hairstlye: the faux hawk! This is my favorite type of hair style, there are many different versions of the faux hawk/mohawk/frohawk and this is our most recent attempt at it. We created this style by making flat twists and a pompadour.

girls faux hawk

To get this look, I first sectioned off the top, middle part of her hair, which would later be the pompadour or “bump”.

Next I split the hair on the right side into 3 sections and began twisting each section into rolling twists, using SheaMoisture Curl and Style Milk on each. I did the left side the same way. Then, with the back of her hair I made ponytails starting at the top, working my way down, to create the faux hawk look. Lastly I made the bump.

I used the SheaMoisture products for this style. I like the SheaMoisture shampoo, is wasn’t stripping at all, quite moisturizing, but the cleansing aspect of it was just ok, I wouldn’t recommend it for deep cleansing. The deep treatment masque conditioned her hair well, it doesn’t provide any slip and doesn’t work well for detangling, but her hair was soft from the masque. The moisture spray revived her curls each day, provided shine, but not just a hold lot of hold, really. The style milk and the smoothie were just ok, in my opinion.  If the two, I like the style milk much better, the smoothie let that product residue feel, while the style milk did not, but it is also not the best holding lotion we’ve tried. While, I think this style could have lasted longer, I was pleased with the way it turned out. Have any of you used any of these products? How did they work for you?

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