Natural Hair Care Must Haves Beginners Checklist

Natural Hair Care Must-Haves: Checklist for Beginners

Not all of us come by hair care “know how” and skills naturally. I know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be when your beginning to learn how to properly care for natural hair. You’re not sure where to start, you don’t know what products to use or in what order to use them. While I may not be able to tell you exactly which products will work best for your child’s hair, I can tell you what products we use and love and provide you with a handy natural hair care must-haves beginners check list. You can refer to our hair care routine to see how we use these items and what specific hair care products we use. This list below will hopefully get your started and provide you with the basic natural hair care essentials and why you must have them! (Below is a printable checklist for you as well.)

Natural Hair Care Must-Haves

>>Satin bonnet/sleep cap/head wrap and/or satin pillow case – This aids in preventing the hair from breakage and tangling and also protects the hairstyle.

>>Sulfate Free Shampoo – Sulfates and other chemicals can be harsh and dry out the hair, moisturizing shampoo is best.

>>Moisturizing Conditioner –  You will likely need a lot of this!

>>Wide tooth comb – Using a wide tooth comb or even your fingers to work through the hair and tangles results in less breakage and damage to the hair.

>>Water based moisturizer (petroleum/mineral oil free) – Water is the key ingredient to moisturized hair, you want to start with applying a water based moisturizer to wet hair and then seal with an oil or butter, this is known as the LCO Method. Or you may find that applying oil to your wet hair, then sealing with a cream moisturizer (the LOC Method) works better for you.

>>Oil – To seal in moisture  (coconut, extra-virgin olive, castor, jojoba, grape seed are examples of good natural oils. Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter are examples of butters).

>>No-metal cloth hair bands (like Goody or Faded Glory) – These don’t snag and rip the hair out or cause breakage like the elastic bands with metal.

>>Detangling Product – You may find that you need a detangler or leave in to aid in the detangling process.

>>Moisturizing Styling Product – You will want a product that provides hold but doesn’t dry the hair out.  Creamy holding products and moisturizing pomades usually work well and don’t leave the hair stiff, crunchy and dry.

Natural Hair Care Must-Haves Printable Checklist:

I hope this checklist helps get you started, feel free to share with you friends and family. You can use the social share buttons located at the top and bottom of the post. Also feel free to leave your hair care must-haves in the comments section below if it’s not mentioned above. Happy Hair Journey!!

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