Monster High City Ghouls Dance Costume Make Up And Hair

As promised in our hip hop dance hairstyle tutorial here is D’s Monster High “City Ghouls” aka “Fright Lights, Big City” dance costume, make-up and hair! This would be great for Halloween, too. The outfit is an actual dance costume ordered by her instructor from a dance company. I’m not sure which company, but with a google search you can probably find something similar or make your own cheaper version.

Wow! City Ghouls make-up, costume, hair – for Dance or Halloween. Pin now for later!

For “Ghoul” make-up on darker skin:
I took a foundation that was about 3 shades lighter than her natural skin tone and applied it to her face. I had some really light powder and also some white/vampire Halloween powder, you could probably just use one or the other but since I had both I put the light powder on all over and did some highlighting with the white. For lighter skin tones the white powder would more than likely be just fine.

city ghoul costume make up

For the eyes I blended some grey, black and dark purple eye shadow on her eye lids and under her eyes for that “ghoul” dark circle under eyes effect. Then I went back over with just purple on her eyelids. The idea was actually “messy” make-up so I didn’t worry too much about it being perfect or the same on each side. We had black lipstick, which would have been great with this look, but D decided to stick with the red, which worked well for dance recital.

Adding a “stitch/scar” and ratting the hair: These can be added anywhere using eyeliner. Some of the dancers added some on their faces or extended them on each side of the mouth. Oh and I also took her pinned braids and ponytail down in back, ratted it a little, (but not too much simply because we had straightened her naturally curly hair and she is wanting to keep it straight for as long as possibly and not deal with a bunch of hairspray/tangles, etc..), but the bigger/messier the better for this look. 
Finished product on stage complete with scary pose:

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