How to train your curls to be looser

Do your tight curls upset you every other day? Setting your hair does seem to take forever.

Also, it forced you to skip current and cute hairstyles. Since each time you try to do so, the hair eventually starts to become curly. So you’re looking for a long-term answer.

Thus, you are seeking how to permanently loosen the curl pattern.

You can subject your hair to a heating procedure. Or, to avoid stiffness, employ drugs like relaxants or baking soda. Moreover, this will contribute to some degree of hair straightening. To release the curls, you can also use homemade hair masks.

There are other choices that have not yet been made public. Keep watching to the very end.

Can I Permanently Loosen My Curl Pattern?

Well, the sort of hair you have will determine the response. There are several possible causes for curl patterns. You might have inherited the curl pattern from your parents. Perhaps you curled your straight hair as well.

The curl patterns also come in a variety. Let’s start by going into more specifics on the curl patterns. The patterns are 1 at the beginning and 4 at the finish. Here, curl patterns 1 and 2a are not actually present. They apply to hair that is straight and curly.

Most curl patterns begin with 2b. 2b has hair that is both curly and wavey. Whereas 3 is hair that resembles noodles. The curls in 4a, b, c, and d increase in stiffness and tightness.

You now have a basic understanding of curl patterns. Let’s discuss whether it’s possible to loosen up your curls based on your type.

Well, I’ve got this table for you. In order to know what kind of hair you will have after attempting the loosening process.

Hair type before trying to loosening upHair type after trying to loosening up
2b,3 (wavy to noodle curl)1 (full straight)
4a, 4b (medium stiff and heavy curls)2a (wavy to straight)
4c, 4d (tight small curls)4a (medium-stiff curls)

You now understand how each hair type will develop. Let me now give you some advice on how to release your curls.

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How Can I Permanently Loosen Curl Pattern? Alternative Techniques Described!

There are numerous ways to make your curls softer. Some of these techniques require instruments, while others call for chemicals. The final choice is to use natural substances. Their efficacy will vary depending on the choice, though.

So don’t worry, we have thoroughly explained everything. The information about them is provided below.

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Using Tools to Loosen Curls

Some of you might like employing equipment over applying numerous chemicals to your hair. Or perhaps you lack the patience to employ natural ingredients. The best choice for you in that situation is to use tools.

Train Your Hair with Heat

You might wish to make your curls looser or permanently straighten them. That is the most efficient approach in given situation. So let me explain how to detangle curls using heat.

Your iron must be heated to 300 degrees and left for roughly 90 seconds. Straighten your hair after that. During a period of two months, you must perform this each day. You might need to straighten your hair twice a day if you have a 4D curl pattern.

The iron cannot be heated above 300 degrees because doing so will completely burn the hair. And when you straighten the hair, it will smell scorched. Your hair will be permanently straightened, but it will also be harmed.

Hence, if you believe the risk is worthwhile, go for it.

Use hair bands to braid your hair

Your goal may be to make your curly hair less rigid. And you don’t want to completely straighten it. If you want loose braiding, do so.

You might find it strange. Yet it’s a safe and efficient approach to get rid of curls. You only need hair bands as a tool. Make a braid out of your hair before bed. Just make sure the braid is loose.

since tight bands and braids cause your hair to become more curly. Try to braid in opposition to your natural curls while doing so. It will assist in the loosening. Keep the braid the following day, and repeat for three months. Only two weeks after beginning the braiding will you start to see results.

Cut and comb your hair

By the name alone, one can infer that combs and clips are required. You will need a lot of bobby pins and a comb with fine bristles, I suppose. You may also take any clips you happen to have on hand.

Make sections of your hair first. After that, stretch and comb your hair. Now, tightly clip that section. Maintain it this way every night for three to four months. The stretch will assist in releasing curls. Also, it will keep frizzy hair on top of your head in place.

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Using Chemicals to Loosen Curls

Let me walk you through the chemical remedies right now. Check out this extensive list of chemicals that can help you lose your curls.

Make Your Hair Smoother Using Conditioner

The finest thing you can do for your hair is condition it. Because intensive conditioning leaves you smooth and shining. And now for the twist. Simply invert the process sometimes, rather than shampooing first and conditioning afterwards.

Before shampooing, treat your hair with a conditioner. Shampoo can be used three times each week. Your hair will then be free of twists, detangled, and stiff.

It will take conditioner two months to make the hair loose.

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Using Relaxers to Straighten

You have heard a lot of talk about this. Let me clarify what this is, though. The relaxant, though, is an extremely thick and hefty substance. Your hair becomes weighed down. As a result, the hair is prone to becoming straighter and less wavy.

Actually, most people find that it works like magic. due to the fact that it is more effective than chemical alternatives. It may be quite difficult to wipe off because to its thick nature, though. Also, some of the residual relaxants may linger and contaminate your scalp.

Moreover, it will result in dry hair and hair loss. The relaxers, however, don’t all have the same thickness. As a result, you can constantly hunt for ideas. Check the ones that we have observed salons using as relaxants, for instance.

Just apply the tenderizer as directed on the packaging once you’ve received it. Perhaps you can seek assistance from professionals at the salon.

Let Tenderizers to Tenderize Your Hair

Tenderizers are chemical solutions, just like relaxers. Their goal is to soften the hair. so that it becomes controllable. You can unravel any frizz, tangle, or even big knots. The tenderizer must be used in the same manner as any hair cream.

Using a tenderizer may require two months to relax your curls.

Mega-Curl Tek’s Breakdown

Mega-Tek is a chemically potent substance. It has numerous applications. You can put it on your hair and wait a short while. Mega-tek thus breaks apart the hair particles.

It weakens the hair bond. As a result, the hair’s normal order begins to shift. This is the ideal time for your hair to adjust to the desired new hair pattern.

Just use Mega-Tek as directed on the box.

Use Baking Soda to De-Curl

The hair can be untangled with baking soda. Therefore it aids in creating tight curls. But, it will also dry out your hair. So, this is how you should utilize it.

You’ll need to wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. Next pour 1/2 cup conditioner into a small basin. 3 tablespoons of honey and 1/4 cup baking soda should be added. Combine each of these.

Wrap your head right now and wait for two hours. Next, use regular water to rinse your hair.

Time to prepare a new concoction. Take 1/2 cup conditioner for that. Adding 2 tablespoons of avocado oil to it after that. Then leave it there for 15 minutes. Then wash once more with water.

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For a week, practice this technique every other day. Try lowering the amount of baking soda by 1 pinch per week after that. Use this for an additional 1.5 months. Your stiff curls will loosen up as well.

Utilizing Natural Ingredients to Loosen

Our preferred list when it comes to leasing curls includes natural elements. because the hair can really benefit from these nutrients. They therefore not only loosen the curl but also enhance the condition of your hair.

Thus we refer to them as zero damage methods. Thus, let’s begin.

Curls can be loosened with henna.

Those who want their curls to be loose frequently apply henna to their hair. It resembles Mega-tek a lot. They both sever the organic connection. Henna, however, also strengthens the hair root.

Your hair will lose its curl pattern as a result. Moreover, it will give your hair a little orangy tint. Thus it might not be a good choice if you have colored hair. You can dye your hair with henna if you don’t mind an orange tinge, though.

You must combine 1 cup water with 1/2 cup of henna powder.

Add an additional 1/2 cup of water if the paste is too thick. Then neatly combine them. Now use it as a mask on your hair. Next place a shower cap or plastic wrap over your head.

After 40 minutes, wash it with regular water. Use this mask three times each week for three months. You can check out the outcomes for yourself.

Yogurt, sour cream, or coconut cream might help you relax your curls.

Yogurt is another wonder food ingredient. Yogurt is fantastic for your health, but it’s also wonderful for your hair. It functions as a protein therapy, which is one advantage. Bond breakdown is primarily helped by protein therapies. in order for the hair particles to form new connections and the root to maintain its health.

That’s what yogurt does. Yogurt’s texture is comparable to that of relaxants except from that. If used alone, it also causes the hair to become heavy.

You might wish to combine it with other components for better results.

You can combine one banana with one cup of yogurt. Apply next like you would a henna mask. If the yogurt is too thick, you can also combine it with 1 teaspoon of lime juice.

Use it now as a mask. Yogurt can also be modified with sour cream and coconut cream.

Aloe vera can be used to calm your curls.

Here, you must use raw aloe. Just combine one aloe vera leaf and two teaspoons of water. Apply it to your hair after that. Next, comb your hair. Instead, you can stretch the hair by hand-pulling it.

then a three-hour wait. And use regular water to wash it. The hair will eventually start to loosen up.

You obtained all the flavor of the curl-loosening alternatives with it.


It’s time for us to part ways. We want to thank you for sticking with us through to the end of this post, but first. I hope you’ve figured out how to permanently loosen the curl pattern.

I’ll give you an additional tip now. To relax your curls, combine yogurt and egg white. The mixture will take up to 3–4 months to relax your curls.

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