How to Sleep With Curly Hair

You couldn’t have asked for better results from any of the products you used on your hair because the frizz was completely under control. Your concept of a curl is incomparable to any other.

Every curly girl wants to know how to keep this style in place for as long as possible without needing to shampoo or style their hair again and again each day.

You don’t even have to do much to style your naturally curly hair because it develops into a tight spiral or perhaps a ribbon-like shape.

But because of the very same elements that give curls its structure, those who have curly hair may find that they need to give it a bit of additional care as to how they sleep in order to safeguard their attractive locks from damage.

In this article we will discuss how people can obtain fuller and healthier curls while they are sleeping.

What is the best sleeping position to preserve curls

If you want to keep your curls for as long as possible, the greatest sleeping position is one that does not put too much pressure or rubbing onto your hair while you are sleeping.

If you sleep on your back, your head’s weight can put too much strain on your hair follicles, causing it to frizz and knot. Your hair may become dry and brittle as a result of the friction caused by your head resting on the surface of your bed.

However, resting on your stomach or sides spares your hair from the friction and pressure of your head. These poses, on the other hand, provide you the freedom to let your hair hang freely behind your head.

Is it better to sleep with wet or dry hair?

It should simply be somewhat damp, and in no way should it be entirely wet. If you want to avoid breakage and damage to your hair follicles caused by sleeping with entirely wet hair, you should either use a blow dryer to dry off 70% of your hair before going to bed, or you should let it gradually dry until it is just a little moist.

How to protect your curls while you sleep

Twist or braid your hair

Even simple twisting and braiding can help to keep your curl structure in place throughout the night. Hair strands are less likely to brush against each other or against your pillow when your hair is well-protected.

Use a satin or silk pillowcase

It’s possible that the stress you exert on your hair follicles throughout the night from tossing and turning can increase the likelihood that your hair will break.

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Altering the surface that your curly hair rests on while you sleep can help prevent frizz and breakage by providing a new environment for your curls. 

Cotton pillowcases are known to irritate hair by soaking up the natural oils that are produced by the scalp and by rubbing harshly against the hair strands.

A pillowcase that is composed of satin or silk can assist in providing protection for the structure of your hair.

Wear a hat or head scarf made of silk or satin.

Your hair can be protected in two ways: by wearing a hat or a headscarf.

These hair accessories not only prevent your hair from becoming frizzy as a result of it rubbing against the bedding and becoming tangled, but they will also make your hair secure as you sleep, thereby preserving the structure of your curls.

Use a spray-on conditioner

In order to give your hair more bounce and shine, consider using a leave-on conditioner that contains keratin.

Also, spray-on conditioners may assist to repair hair strands that’ve been destroyed by hair dye as well as heat styling, and it may leave your hair soft and simpler to style in the morning.

Hairstyles to protect your hair while sleeping


how to sleep with curly hair
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It’s common for girls with curly hair to “pineapple” their curls as they sleep to keep it from becoming frizzy.

Turn your dried hair over completely, and then fix it in a ponytail that is extremely high and loose. If you want to keep your hair from getting dented or broken, you should use a scrunchie or another type of hair tie that is covered with fabric.

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After you have stood back up, split your ponytail in half so that one half rests on either sides of the head. The first thing you need to do in the morning is give your curls a spray of water and also curl refresher.

Loose bun

how to sleep with curly hair 2022
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To minimize frizz, many curly girls prefer to sleep with their hair in a loose bun.

Before flipping the hair over and tying it into a bun, use a leave-in conditioner or scrunch gel into the hair.

Keeping the bun loose will prevent your curls from becoming overly tangled and brittle. Securing your bun with a scrunchie and twisting and tucking it loosely will help you avoid getting a dent in it.

Mini braids

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One of the most common and effective ways to control hair movement while sleeping is to braid it. To determine what works for you, try a French braid, a single loose braid, or several braids.

Braiding your hair loosely will help you keep its healthy natural curls, however braiding it more tightly will give it more crimp.

If you are unable to braid your hair using the French braiding technique, section off your hair into between six and eight sections and then braid it as you normally would. 

If you have loose waves, this would create tighter curls, but if you have tighter curl patterns, your hair will stretch out as a result of doing this.

Two-strand twist

sleeping with curly hair 2022
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Doing a two-strand twist with your hair is yet another creative option for a bedtime hairstyle. This may be done on either damp as well as dry hair, but the end result will be curls that are more defined if the hair is damp to begin with.

Using this procedure, you will be able to focus on particular portions of your hair to give them a shape that will prevent them from falling flat while you are sleeping.

To create a two-strand twist, you need just take a portion of hair, divide it in half, and then wrap the two halves of the section around the other at the root to the tip of the hair. This method is most successful when used with coils and curls that are quite tight.


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The term “plopping” refers to a common method for drying curls that helps prevent the hair from falling flat as a result of gravity.

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To do this technique, you must first apply gel to your hair, then place a microfibre towel on a level surface, and finally, you must turn your hair over, enabling it to pile up at the top of itself within the towel.

To ensure that the towel stays in place on your head without falling off, tie the corners together. The time it takes for the curls to dry will be cut in half thanks to the towel, and they will hold their shape beautifully.


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Even if you can’t pull your hair into a pineapple shape on top of the head because it’s too short, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a pineapple.

There are a variety of pineapples that have been altered in some way, such as the multi-pineapple, which is made up of two or three individual pineapples. In the meanwhile, a satin bonnet is the best option for those of you who have shorter hair.

French Braid

curly hair how to sleep 2022
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Especially at the roots, the French braid and a variety of micro braids may produce mixed outcomes.

When you use the French braid method, you will end up with a curl pattern that is more stretched out at the roots. It is in your best interest to try a few different braids until you find the one that produces the most desirable results.

How to Sleep with Curly Hair

It may take a little bit more time and effort to care for curly hair at night, but the results are well worth it. It’s a good way to get your day started off right when you wake up with curls that are full of life and bounce.

Taking care of hair that is naturally curly does require some forethought and planning. You are in luck because you can give your curls shine, improve their health, and make them appear more natural even while you sleep.

Modifying even the simplest aspects of your nighttime routine, such as switching to a satin pillowcase or sleeping on your side instead of your back, can have a significant effect on the condition of your hair and how it looks.

You’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep knowing that your curls will be well taken care of the next day, whether you choose to use braids, twists, the pineapple, or some of the other simple tips listed here.

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