How to refresh wavy hair without frizz in the morning

Your waves are all over the place when you wake up one morning: some are flat, some are frizzy, and some are dry. However, since it’s still clean, you don’t want to wash your hair just yet. Fortunately for you, we have all the information you need to control your waves and revive your hair’s youthful appearance without taking a shower.

Learn how your hair functions and become aware of the products that your hair responds to the best. Additionally, pay attention to how different products influence your scalp because healthy hair also affects your waves.

We have some excellent advice that should help you if you’ve been finding it difficult to revive your wavy hair. Try out some of these suggestions to discover which ones make your waves feel and look beautiful.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

You need to comprehend the cause of frizzy hair before you can discover some quick fixes. The presence of too much moisture and humidity in the air is one of the main causes of frizzy hair. Because hydrogen establishes a connection with the water molecules and proteins found in hair, heat, and humidity promote frizzy hair.

Damage and dryness are additional causes of frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is caused by bad behaviors including coloring your hair too regularly, styling it with heat, and frequently washing and drying it out. Frizzy hair happens when your hair is either naturally dry or dries out from a lack of moisture. When your hair is dry or damaged, it absorbs all the moisture in the air, which causes unwelcome frizz. In contrast to straight hair, wavy or curly hair naturally frizzes more readily since they are more likely to be dry.

How to Tame Frizzy Hair Overnight?

Lack of nutrients and moisture causes frizzy hair. The majority of people with curly and wavy hair find it difficult to quickly control frizzy hair. The truth is that our negligence and lousy habits are to blame for frizzy or dry hair. After making sure you are eating well and getting enough water, you should treat your hair with the appropriate treatments, like a hair mask or hair serum.


Prevention is always preferable to treatment. Therefore, it’s crucial to protect your hair even when you’re sleeping. If you don’t take the proper precautions to safeguard your hair, tossing and turning with your head on a pillow all night long can harm your waves.

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You might wear a loose bun in your hair or a satin scarf to hide it. Since silk is the greatest material for preventing hair dehydration and excessive frizz, think about purchasing silk pillowcases as well.


Leave the trendy, pricey serums alone. Your hair can be refreshed with plain water.

You may feel instantly more energized after misting water through waves. Additionally, it can improve the results of the hair care products you use, reducing frizz and enhancing shine and hydration.

Fill an empty container from one of your previous hair care products with water to use as a hair sprayer. Spray clean water through the entirety of your hair, giving your strands a gentle scrunching motion.

If your hair is more porous, you can use a lot. Use a little less water, though, if your hair is less porous because too much water might make it look frizzy.

A mist spray could also be used to evenly disperse the water and keep your hair from getting soaked.


When your hair is damp, put some Protect Gel on your wet hands and scrunch your hair as usual. Do the same if you wish to use foam. To cover all the hair, keep going. Afterward, air dry or dispense.

These two items will both assist maintain your waves definition in place for a longer period of time without weighing them down.


If necessary, comb through your curls with a detangling brush. The slightest tangle might cause frizz if you have thick, dense hair. Beginning at the bottom of your hair, slowly work your brush through it to remove any knots or snarls.

  • Feel free to omit this step if your hair isn’t tangled or you’re not very concerned with frizz.


Use gel to define your waves and make them last all day. Apply a tiny amount of gel in your palms, avoiding your scalp, to the center and ends of your hair. Use the same gel you did on your wash day to ensure a perfect gel combination.

  • Use less gel than usual on your wash day, just like you would with curl cream. You don’t need as much because your hair already has gel in it.


Ensure that you distribute the product evenly throughout your hair. You have two options for gently combing the product through: with your fingers or a detangling brush. To prevent any crooked or misshaped curls, make sure your product is applied evenly.

  • Use the praying hand technique when applying makeup. Clasp your hair in between your palms while keeping your hands together as if you were praying. To evenly spread the product, slowly comb your hands through the length of your hair.


While your hair is still damp, press the product into it. Scrunch your hair with both hands while tilting your head to one side. Then, tilt to the opposite side and repeat the process. This will help the product penetrate your hair and support the formation of your hair’s natural waves.


To keep your hair curly, dry it using a diffuser attachment. To avoid frizz, diffuse your hair using a medium or low heat setting. To add volume at the roots, tilt your head to one side or flip your hair over. Your hair should be dried to about 95% of its final dryness before being let to air dry.

  • Your hair dries without frizz when you use a diffuser. Always use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair to preserve the curls.
  • Lacking the time to diffuse? Instead, let your hair air dry!
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To reduce frizz and hydrate your hair if it seems dry, use a mild natural oil. It will lock in the moisture in your hair.

Additionally, every few washes, try using a hair mask to deeply condition your hair. Wear a shower cap and leave the product in for 15 to 30 minutes. You may also use your hairdryer to blast the outside. The lotion will be able to nurture your hair from the inside out thanks to the heat.


Just as significant as your hair itself is your scalp. Use a silicone scalp brush to gently massage your scalp for a few minutes after each wash.

You now have it. Here are some great ideas to revive your wavy hair and prevent frizz! To find the ideal set of products for your waves, look through all of Merwave’s offerings for wavy hair.

Here are seven suggestions to help you control frizzy hair.

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1. Before going to bed, properly brush your hair.

Use boar bristle brushes to correctly comb or brush your hair to prevent breakage and damage. Before going to bed, brushing your hair helps to loosen it, stimulates the scalp, distributes natural oils for silky, smooth hair, and removes lint, dust, and other impurities from the hair. Additionally, brush your hair before taking a shower. This will intensify the washing of your hair and move the oils away from the scalp. During the procedure, it will also assist in nourishing the hair strands.

2. Use Hair Oils to Nourish Your Hair

Use a hydrating hair serum or moisturizing hair oil before bed to give your hair and strands more strength to combat frizz. One such nourishing hair serum is Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, which smoothes your hair while also giving it extra shine and hydration and encouraging hair growth. These serums or oils are incredibly absorbent and leave your hair ends feeling silky and nurtured as you sleep. Put this advice into practice to control frizz in your hair.

3. Use a pure silk pillowcase instead.

Having trouble sleeping frequently results in a frizzy mess. Use exquisite silk pillows, which are better for your skin and hair, in place of cotton ones. Mulberry silk pillowcases will let your hair glide over the surface while you sleep, preserving the moisture in your hair. Additionally, it will give you tangle-free, lustrous, smooth hair when you wake up. Additionally, if you wrap a silk scarf around your hair before going to bed, it will be shielded from frizz and broken strands so you can wake up with gorgeous hair.

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4. Instead of rough cotton towels, use microfiber towels.

Because they reduce the likelihood that the hair would frizz back up, microfiber towels outperform traditional cotton towels. These towels instantly absorb water and don’t need to be rubbed. By using these towels, you can lessen knots and control frizz. These towels can be used to gently pat your hair, which prevents the introduction of lint and dust. A microfiber towel does not catch your hair strands or rough up the cuticle.

5. Use an overnight hair mask on your hair

To prevent frizzy and unkempt hair, use an overnight hair mask and wrap your hair. Use a superb moisturizing hair mask to keep your hair moisturized and stop the hair cuticle from opening up and letting moisture in. You’ll add extra shine to your hair and wake up with fine, frizz-free hair if you do this before going to bed. If you have dry or damaged hair, it is advised that you use a hair mask at least twice a week. By including a hair mask in your nightly hair care routine, you can eliminate frizz overnight.

6. Use a diffuser to blow-dry your hair

When blow-drying your hair, especially if it is curly or wavy, use a diffuser. The quantity of direct heat is restricted by a hair diffuser, which makes the hairdryer milder. It keeps your hair silky and tangle-free by preventing the air from striking it hard. A diffuser will prevent your hair from moving around while it dries, reducing friction and frizz.

7. After washing your hair, use conditioner.

Every time you shampoo your hair, use a conditioner to help seal the hair cuticles and prevent dampness from penetrating the hair. This will maintain the cuticles’ moisture levels by allowing moisture to reach every fiber deeply. Additionally, you can use conditioning spray to prevent frizz at night by forming a barrier.


These, as mentioned earlier, are some quick ways to tame frizzy hair overnight. Apart from these you also need to keep a lot of things in mind to avoid frizzy hair. Using a blow dryer or flat iron can result in hair frizz and damage because your hair gets in direct contact with the heat for a long time. So, while using these styling appliances, keep monitoring the temperature which will help you control frizzy hair. You can also use heat protectant spray, which will help protect your hair from damage and impacts relating to heat.

Perhaps you research other wavy hair women online and copy their hair care practices to enhance your own waves. While it’s helpful to gather ideas from other people’s routines, it’s also crucial to experiment with various products and styling methods on your own hair to determine which ones suit your particular waves the best.

Additionally, avoid brushing or combing your hair right after heating it up because doing so will promote frizz. Many people have a poor habit of stroking and rearranging their hair frequently. This is one of the main causes of frizzy hair, as well. You are advised to avoid touching your hair too much because doing so will cause the cuticle to separate and generate frizz. Additionally, you can learn the most effective techniques for removing frizz from synthetic wigs.

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