How to Grow Short Curly Hair

It might take a long time and be frustrating to grow curly hair. However, you can encourage hair development and enhance the health of your hair by taking care of both your body and your hair.

Some people with short curly hair use different kinds of products resulting in the natural curls of the hair gone or simply, it will ruin its style or the waviness of the hair. 

In this article, we will give you some tips and advice on how to grow your short curly hair without ruining its natural curls and since growing out a hair is not easy, you have to be patient and focus on staying the natural curls of your hair.

Tips for caring your short curly hair in its growing process

1. Trim your split ends

split ends

As we all know, it’s hard to remove all your split ends especially when it reaches the near middle part of your hair. Like it’s making you think whether you cut your hair very short or just let it be. 

However, some people believe that if you trim your hair, it will slow the rate of the hair growth. On the contrary, some people also believe that you should trim your hair every 6 weeks or rather, trim it every 3 to 4 months. 

Growing out a split ends will damage your hair and may cause slowing down your hair growth. Furthermore, trimming your hair and removing the split ends as much as possible, will help promote better hair growth.

2. Avoid overwashing

avoid overshampoo

The health of your hair can suffer if you overwash it or wash it every day, as it will take longer for your hair to grow. 

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Don’t shampoo more often than your hair actually needs it and this could occur every two to three days or perhaps only once each week. This results in allowing the natural oils on your scalp to penetrate the follicles and promote growth.

3. Massage your scalp

scalp massage

A scalp massage may encourage more rapid hair growth. By boosting blood flow to your scalp during a scalp massage, you can support follicle health and encourage hair growth. Before you wash your hair once a day, massage your scalp for three minutes.

4. Care for your hair at night

hair care

You should take care of your curly hair at night to encourage faster growth. Before retiring to bed, seal the ends of your hair with oil. Try jojoba, coconut, or olive oil. 

Simply never sleep while your hair is wet. Sleeping with your wet hair has a negative impact that can cause severe hair fall if you continuously sleep while your hair is wet. 

To lessen damage during the night, try using a satin pillowcase. When your hair is tied in ponytails, buns, or braids, avoid tying it so tight.

Traction alopecia is caused by tight hairstyles, particularly when you are asleep, which subject your hair to severe physical harm. Furthermore, you might think about putting your hair up in a loose bun, braid, or ponytail while you sleep.

5. Refrain from overstyling

avoid overstyling

Your hair’s development can be slowed down and made unhealthier by over-styling it or using harsh tools and treatments. Treat your hair gently, especially if you’re trying to lengthen it. For instance, refrain from using too much blower, heating tools and many more. 

According to specialists, over-styling your hair can harm the roots, which leads to thinner hair growth in the end and eventually complete hair loss in the afflicted area.

Using products on your short curly hair

1. Use a deep conditioner

Image Source: @curlswithkia via Instagram

When you’re washing your hair, use a deep condition 2 to 3 times per week. Using a deep conditioner such as keratin and other curly hair conditioners that you will see in the store, will keep your hair moist and help it to grow faster. 

You have to keep using deep conditioners also in order to keep your hair from getting dry and unhealthy since if your hair is like this, it will not grow as far as you expected.

2. Avoid certain chemical products

We know that some products in the store are not suited to our hair especially when it is chemical. As long as we know that it is a chemical product, avoid buying it since it will slow down the process of growing your hair or much worse, it will damage your hair little by little. 

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Products that contain the following ingredient: Sulfate, polymers, and parabens; can slow down the growing process of your hair as they leave remnants that will build up on the scalp and can cause blockage to the follicle.

In addition, those chemicals will make your hair frizzy and worse, they can strip the hair’s natural oil resulting in dryness and damage.

3. Use products with essential hair nutrients

When buying hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, you should consider looking at the nutrients that are suited and your hair will benefit from it.

Ingredients such as biotin, vitamin B7, proteins, coconut oil, jojoba, and argan oil, will keep your hair looking nourish, beautiful as well as looking healthy in its growing process.

4. Use essential oils 

essential oils

Essential oils have a very big important role in your hair, whether it is curly hair or straight hair. 

They act as the remover of the buildup on your scalp that causes blockage to the follicle. As these essential oils stimulate the follicles and improve the health of your scalp, your hair will grow faster and even healthier.

Maximizing Nutrients

1. Eating fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables
Image Source: @jim.battin via Instagram

We all know that eating these kinds of foods make us healthy and strong. But as you can see, fruits and vegetables are not just focusing on making our body healthy, it can also help to make our hair healthy as well as its hair growth. 

Examples of fruits and vegetables that contains or rich in Vitamin C, minerals, and other nutrients that can help in the hair growth are: Dark leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, sweet potatoes, peppers, avocadoes, broccoli, berries, citrus fruit, and melon.

2. Drink lots of water 

Water is essential to our body and also to our hair. Your hair will grow longer without being damaged if you use water to assist make it thicker and stronger.

Drink 2 to 3 liters of liquid per day or commonly, drink 8 glasses of water per 12 hours or 24 hours. Increase your daily water intake a small bit at a time if you don’t already consume a lot of it.

3. Lots of Protein

Image Source: @proteinfoodforyou via Instagram

Getting enough protein is crucial for good hair as healthy hair grows more quickly. You have to increase your intake of protein to aid with this and make sure to be careful with consuming lean foods, such as fish and chicken breast. 

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Eggs are a fantastic source of protein that promotes healthy hair. Another best food that you can have is salmon, which is also a source of protein as well as omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, which can help in growing your curly hair faster. 

4. Dairy

Image Source: Simply Fresh

Milk’s lipids and proteins thicken hair, while its calcium content encourages hair development and helps stop hair loss. Vitamins A, B6, biotin, and potassium are just a few of the elements in milk that are good for hair and help to keep it soft and lustrous. 

Greek yogurt, low fat milk, low fat cottage cheese, and low fat-cheese are the examples of dairy products that you can have to keep your hair healthy and promote growth.

5. Take Supplements

Consider taking a nutritional supplement if you don’t believe your diet is providing the proper nutrients for your hair. You can either take individual supplements that support healthy hair or try a multivitamin or supplement designed specifically for hair growth. 

Minerals like zinc, selenium, and silicon can help in hair growth. Vitamins A, C, and E can help in making your hair healthier while Vitamin B also promotes hair growth. Before taking dietary supplements, always ask your doctor for your safety.  

How to Grow Short Curly Hair

Thinking that growing your hair faster as much as you expected is not easy, especially when you’re doing something wrong to your hair that may cause slowing down the hair growth and worse, damaging it. 

However, knowing these simple tips and advice that will help your hair become healthier and grow faster, all you need to have is long patience and effort because it is your hair to be taken care of and protected. 

Furthermore, it is not just about hair products and other things that are mentioned above, you have to also eat healthy foods, especially foods that can help you grow your hair faster. In that case, you are not just going to make your hair healthy but also your body and mind!

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