How to Dye Curly Hair at Home

If you want to upgrade the look of your curly hair, applying color to your curls can give you the kind of look you’re searching for. This is not to say that your curls are not already stunning enough on their own.

However, if your curls have been coloured in an improper manner, it may be hazardous to the health of your mane and the patterns of your curls.

Color can easily cause irreversible damage to curly hair since it is typically dryer and much more sensitive than other hair types, making it vulnerable to damage. Learn how to color your hair at home with these handy tips and recommended practices.

Things That You Should Know Before Dying Your Curly Hair at Home:

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First of all, if you don’t know what you’re doing and you just want to make sure that you are receiving the best possible outcome from your dye job, you should go to a qualified professional stylist. They will know exactly what they’re doing.

A botched coloring experiment might have a variety of unintended consequences, but a competent colorist can walk you through all the coloring process step by step.

They are able to provide advice on color kinds and formulations from the very beginning to the very end, as well as maintenance alternatives and evaluations of the condition of your hair before any treatments are performed to prevent any damage.

But if you absolutely have to do it yourself at home, below are some helpful hints for getting the color DIY project right the first time!

Do not wash your hair with shampoo.

Before getting your hair dyed, don’t wash it with shampoo. It is recommended that you do not wash your hair just before coloring it, and this is something that you should not do.

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In order to get the best results from your hair color, don’t wash it before dying it. The natural oils which protect your scalp are washed away when you shampoo your hair just before coloring or bleaching it.

It is recommended that you wait at least two to three days before dying your hair before washing your hair. In terms of color, hair that is dirty is preferable.

Using a liquid or gel is preferable. 

If you are doing your makeup on your own, using gel plus liquid color formulas will give you more coverage and a fuller look.

Dense, curly hair is more difficult for foam solutions to penetrate than liquids or gels, so your color may end up looking “wrong” or uneven.

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Take things easy and don’t stress. 

It’s possible to do irreparable damage to your curl pattern and lighten or lift your hair in a single session, which could result in a less defined curl pattern or a lack of elasticity in your hair.

Curly hair bleaching or lightening should be done gradually to avoid damaging the curl pattern and affecting the hair’s health.

Consider using a semi-permanent dye. 

Because it is less drying than regular color on existing dry and curly hair, semi-permanent color gives a greater look for textured hair. This is especially true for curly hair.

The surface of your curls receives a coating of semi-permanent or temporary color, which smoothens the cuticles and leaves curls that are lustrous, smooth, and nourished.

Maintain a regular treatment schedule. 

Curly hair normally requires a significant amount of moisture, but curly hair that has been color treated requires even more consistent moisture maintenance.

If you want to prevent your color-treated hair from becoming dry and brittle, you can condition it with a Bamboo Protein Treatment that is both safe and organic. This type of treatment is great for hair that has been dyed.

Be sure to preserve your hair color. 

The coloring of your hair is only half the battle; the other half is keeping the color in your hair. If you want to prevent your color from fading or bleeding, you should use shampoos that protect against color loss.

Shampoos designed to preserve colored hair from fading often do not contain harsh chemicals like sulfates, which can strip the hair of its natural oils, and they also moisturize and shield the hair. 

Steps to Dye Your Curly Hair at Home

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Make preparations for coloring curly hair

Before dyeing your hair, use a color-protecting product. Rinse off after the prescribed time.  Because you want to make sure that you are applying your colors to clean hair, cleaning your hair is an extremely vital step in the process.

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This provides the product with the best possible opportunity to color your hair in the correct manner. 

Some people recommend applying the product to dirty hair, but the females who have the most naturally curly hair claim that using it to clean hair yields results that are more brilliant.

Allow your hair to dry naturally before coloring it. Leave-in conditioner should be applied to the tips of your curls, as this is the only part of your hair that will not be dyed while the roots of your hair are being colored.

Sectioning your hair

After letting your hair dry naturally, go to the next step of sectioning your curls so that you can apply color. Whether or not you should section your curls before putting your hair color is determined by the following:

If you are dying all of your hair, separate the strands and braid them loosely without using any product. This will ensure that the strands do not become tangled while your hair dries. Then use a clamp to secure each section of hair after separating it into four equal parts.

Apply Petroleum Jelly on the Hairline, Ears and Neck

The next step is to protect your hairline, ears and neck from the hair dye by applying a thin coating of petroleum jelly along it.

After you have finished applying the color, you can remove any leftover product along with the petroleum jelly using a clean cloth.

Make sure you mix your color according to the instructions.

You should also make sure and you’ll have plenty of time to complete the task at hand. After the dye has been applied to the hair for the necessary amount of time, which can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour, it must then be processed. Make sure that you have enough time for this step before you begin mixing the dye.

Apply the hair dye on your hair.

For full hair coverage:

Create multiple portions of the hair, then secure each one. Put on gloves, then begin spreading the dye paste throughout each piece.

The best technique to treat your hair is to begin at the roots and work down towards the ends. For application, you can either use your fingers or a hair dye brush.

After you have completed soaking one portion, fasten a clip to it to keep it in place. Proceed from one side to the next using a variety of parts of your hair until you have applied the dye to all of your hair.

Wear a shower hat to keep your hair in place. Allow it to sit for the allotted amount of time.

To highlight curly hair:

Make cuts in the foil according to the length of your hair. Utilizing a comb, divide your hair into several portions, and then use hair clips to hold each section in place.

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Foil pieces should have the same width in all sections. To apply an extremely thin coating of the dye product, you can use a tail comb. Aluminum foil should be wrapped around the wet area. Allow it to sit for the specified amount of time.

Thoroughly rinse with tap water.

After the recommended time has passed, do the following:

You should wash your hair using tap water. When you clean your hair, make sure to use a conditioner that does not include sulfates.

You should avoid using warm water since it may cause the cuticle to expand even wider, which will lead to color bleed.

Within the first three days after coloring your hair, shampooing will cause the color to fade, so avoid doing so. After you have finished washing it, use a towel made of microfiber to pat dry your hair.

Be sure to look after your colored hair.

Here are some preventative measures that you should take into consideration now that you have successfully dyed your hair.

When your hair isn’t dirty, you should color it. Hold off on using any shampoo for at least three days. The very first time you wash it, you should do it using a conditioner that does not include sulfates. In the event that your hair is dirty, you should use dry shampoo.

When you walk outside, make sure to use a scarf to protect your hair from the harsh elements and avoid temperatures that are too high.

Use a leave-in conditioner to shield your hair from damage and bring out its inherent shine. To give your hair the nutrition and moisture it needs, try an oil treatment using castor oil, for example.


Have you thought about dying your naturally curly hair? In that case, don’t forget to select a dye that is either semi- or demi-permanent. Before you color your hair, check to see that your curls have sufficient moisture.

After dying your curls, make sure to moisturize them well and deep condition them on a regular basis. Your curls will remain gorgeous and healthy if you do this!

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