23 Holiday Hairstyle Ideas For Kids

Ah, the holiday season is upon us once again, and it’s time to plan, pack and pamper before we head off on our adventures. But when should you get your hair done before your big trip? Let me tell you, timing is everything!

I’ve been thinking a lot about holiday hairstyle ideas for kids, trying to come up with a style for D this Christmas. I’ve look around the net, searching other hair blogs high and low and I’m bringing you 23 holiday hairstyle ideas for kids.

Some are fancy, some are fun but I guarantee all of these hairstyles are adorable and each one would make a great holiday hairstyle.

Braids, Beads and a Ponytail:

Braids, Beads and Buns:


Those two styles above were from when I first started cornrowing, so the cornrows look a little rough, lol.

Pretty much any hair do can be made into a “Christmas” or holiday hairstyle with the right accessories. Fancy updo’s for the holidays are nice, but what kid doesn’t love festive and fun holiday hairstyles. We changed up the classic Kai Lan inspired hair style and added some color that was perfect for Christmas. Disclaimer: I am aware that my cornrowing skills are still lacking… no one is prefect, right.

Curlformer Curls

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girls natural hairstyle

Christmas Fro:

Candy Cane Hairstyle:

Babes In Hairland

Girly and Curly Styles:

Cornrow headband with bantu knot out:                     Finger curls and headband:

Braided Headband

Braids and Curls:

I think this style from Babes In Hairland is really pretty, and would made a nice holiday hairstyle: *Updated to add: here is the direct link to the tutorial for this Vintage Crown of Pin Curls style*

2 Cornrows Laced with Ribbon:

Another cute Ribbon style (just use holiday colored ribbon):

Toddler Hairstyle Ideas:

More Styles for Toddlers from Mo Plaits:

Toddler Christmas Twists Style:
Candy Cane Hairstyle

Check out these cute styles from Princess Piggies:

Love Your Girls Biracial Curls has a step by step tutorial on the Rudolf Sock Bun style.

Christmas Tree Hairstyle:

I can’t credit this photo, I saw it on Facebook and I’m not sure who it belongs to (if it’s yours let me know so I can give you credit). I just loved this style and thought it would make a beautiful holiday updo:

And if your little one doesn’t have hair yet, no worries, she (or he) can always rock a santa hat 

Baby D at 3 months

I hope this provides some inspiration in helping you decide on your kids holiday hairstyle. Feel free to like, share, pin, and leave a comment letting me know which styles you love best. Remember whatever style you decide to do please, please, please share it with us on our Facebook fanpage… we absolutely love seeing our readers and fans hairstyles.

Cute Holiday Hairstyles

We brought out the Curlformers twice last month for the holidays. First for Christmas photos and again for her Christmas Day style.

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I did the first style with our long and wide set, but as it turned out her hair has grown a lot since we used them last and I actually had to double up on the Curlformers, lol, I used every single long and wide curler and all of our short and wide curlers to ensure all of her hair was going to be curled

And it worked! Here are some photos from the Christmas shoot:

By the time Christmas rolled around we had gotten our Extra Long and Wide styling kit and used it. For this set I pulled her hair half up and used some of our Curling Custard.

Curlformers styling kit reviewCurlformers set

How did your little ones wear their hair for?

How long before holiday should I get my hair done?

First things first, it’s important to factor in the type of hair service you’re planning on getting. Will you be opting for a simple trim, a bold new color or a full-on hair makeover? Each service will require a different amount of time and preparation.

For a simple trim, you could schedule your hair appointment a week before your holiday. This will allow your hair to settle down and give you time to style it the way you like before the trip. However, if you’re planning any kind of chemical treatment, like a perm or color, you’ll want to schedule your appointment at least two weeks in advance. This will give your hair time to adjust to the new color or texture, and if issues arise, you’ll have time to go back to the salon for adjustments.

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If you’re planning for a longer holiday, you might be tempted to schedule your hair appointment a few days before your trip. After all, who doesn’t want to look their best on vacation? But I would advise against this. If you’re going on a long flight or traveling by car, your hair might not appreciate the confined environment. And let’s not forget how temperamental hair can be, especially after prolonged exposure to the sun, sea or pool. The last thing you want is to ruin your look before your holiday even begins!

To avoid any hair mishaps while traveling, schedule your hair appointment at least a week before your trip. This will give you plenty of time to experiment with different styles and ensure that you’re confident and comfortable with your hair before you embark on your holiday.

But why stop at just a hair appointment? Take the opportunity to treat yourself to a full day of rest and relaxation before the holiday madness begins. Book in for a pedicure, manicure, massage, and anything else that makes you feel like a queen. Make a day of it, go for lunch with friends, take a walk in nature, and prepare yourself mentally for the fantastic adventure that awaits you.

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