Hairstyles For Halloween

love Love LOVE Halloween!! The dressing up, the costumes, the make-up, the hair!! I still dress up for Halloween, even though I am “grown”, hehe. I wanted to share one of my favorite past Halloween costumes and hairstyles, Halloween is well on its way afterall. A few years ago I was a “Punk Fairy” with a purple faux hawk.

To get this look, I used  Sexy Hair Concepts: Short Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel. Quite the name, yes, but it works! We (I had some help) simple spiked my hair up and forward and applied a generous amount of the gel, we didn’t want my hair to fall halfway through the evening. I shouldn’t have even been worried about that because this faux hawk actually lasted all weekend, until I washed it out on Sunday. It probably would have lasted even longer than that…this faux hawk was not budging, lol, I believe I ended up shampooing about 3 times. As for the hair color, I actually did have blue and purple streaks throughout my hair and we also used a purple color hair spray that you can get at Wal-Mart during Halloween, along with a sparkle hair spray, on the top part of my hair. Below is my complete punk fairy Halloween costume (I honestly don’t remember where I got the costume, I do know that I ordered it online).

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Halloween hair!

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