Hairstyle Easy Cornrows Pompadour Curls

D’s birthday was last month and she had a “Rockstar” themed party were the kids got to karaoke, rock out and have a blast. For her party I wanted her to have a Rockin’ Hairstyle and decided on cornrows, a pompadour and curls with a little bit of color. Her style was actually inspired by a hairstyle I saw on the Feather Girlz website:

I wanted to make it my own and let D rock some of her natural curls too. This styles looks simple enough, but I actually:

 >>banded all of her hair overnight
>>did the cornrows
>>straightened the front section for a smooth pompadour (which wasn’t so smooth after she ran around and started sweating)
>>then went back and co-washed the rest of her hair that was down so the curls would pop

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