Faux Hawk Hairstyle On Long Hair

Faux hawks or Mohawk hairstyles can easily be done on long hair. For this month’s Hair Carnival the bloggers and I decided to pair up and recreate styles from one another. I paired up with Girly and Curly and did our own rendition of their flat twist faux hawk.

D and I love faux hawks and we love the way this turned out. We opted for no beads (other than the 3 you see in the front) due to time restraints, but we still loved it!

For this style, I started on clean, detangled, moisturized hair. Using our Jaja’s hair n body pomade I did flat rolling twists all around her head (even at the bottom) that met in a line down the center of her head, giving the Mohawk look. I, then, did the remaining hair in sections of 2 strand twists.

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D wore this faux hawk style all week, after several days I did take the two strand twists down, did a co-wash and used some Kinky-Curly Curling Custard and left the middle section of hair out.

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