Easy Protective Cornrow Style

After a summer of many wash and go’s and trying out different curl defining products for our Wash and Go Series it is time to get back into some protective styling. Protective styles can include cornrowsmini/box braids, twists, buns, basically any style in which the ends are protected and the hair is not manipulated during the duration of the hairstyle. For protective styles it is also ideal to have no beads/rubber bands or barrettes in the hair.

For this protective style I decided on an easy cornrow style.

>>I started on hair that have been washed, detangled, moisturized and banded overnight

>>I parted from ear to ear and cornrowed the top half straight back

>>Then I cornrowed the bottom half straight down

easy protective cornrow style

>>When the cornrows were completed I started braided near her left ear gathering the braids and braiding them around her head.

>>Once I reached my starting point I tucked the ends into the larger braid

How is your styling routine now that it is starting to cool off? What is your favorite protective style?

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