Easy Cornrow Design Hairstyle Tutorial

Our contributor Mo Plaits is back with another hairstyle tutorial for us! This time it is a super cute and easy cornrow design of criss cross hairline plaits into ponytails.

What you’ll need:
Spray bottle with water
Moisturizer (I used African Pride Moisture Intense Shea Butter Miracle Leave-In Conditioner)
Rat tail comb
Hair accessories

Easy Cornrow Design Hairstyle

How To:
Step 1: Part the hair directly down the middle of the head starting from the forehead down to the back of the head.
Step 2: Put one side of hair that has been divided into a ponytail to keep out of the way.
Step 3: Use your rat tail comb to section the hair for the cornrow {wherever you would like to start} for this style I started the part at the crown of her head and made my section down to her forehead, leaving about half-inch from forehead for the next braid.
Step 4: Take about a half-inch of hair from the hairline section, (if the hair around the hairline is too short or hairline has not grown in yet, please take larger sections to help nurture the hairline and not hurt the edges) and leave it out of the ponytail to be braided.
Step 5: Cornrow the section of hair from the crown down to the forehead, curving your cornrow into the next side where you left out the hairline section.. braid all the way down to the side burn hair.
Step 6: Once both cornrows are complete.. you can put them into the ponytails you’ve previously made and add some accessories to spice up the hairstyle!!

We hope you enjoyed our newest hairstyle tutorial, please keep an eye out for future tutorials!!! God bless!!

-Mo Plaits Don’t forget you can find Mo Plaits on Facebook for more creative cornrow designs and hairstyle ideas.

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