Deep Conditioning and Curling Heat Cap

I have seen the portable hood dryers that you can purchase online and from some beauty supply stores, I always thought they would be handy, but also maybe a little bit of a hassle. I don’t have a lot of room to store one and wouldn’t particularly like having to drag it out and set it up each time I’d need to use it. I found a great alternative, that is cheaper, easier to use and doesn’t take up much space. The Heat Cap.  The Heat Cap can be used as a heat source for deep conditioning and/ or hot oil treatments and over hair that is in curlers. I’ve used this cap for both.

Deep Conditioning with Heat Cap

When using the cap for deep conditioning/hot oil treatments. I applied Bee Mine Beautiful Deep Conditioner covered her hair with a plastic bag (yes, I did), warmed the cap in the microwave and put it over the top of the plastic bag. I let it sit for about 30 minutes, then rinsed. Her hair was so soft and moisturized, the comb went through it like butter. The heat cap is an excellent heat source when deep conditioning or doing oil treatments.

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Curlers with Heat Cap

When using the heat cap for hair curling, I prepared the hair by washing, conditioning, moisturizing, detangling and banding over night to ensure it was thoroughly dry. The next day I applied Curlformers, with Bee Mine Curly Butter in each section and then placed the warm heat cap over the curlers. (Don’t forget about our Bee Mine Reader discount code UTHMFALL for 10% off at The cap stayed on while D watched a movie and played her 3DS. Overall the curlers were in for several hours, I took them out just before it was time to leave for her dance recital. She had picture perfect curls!

I love the heat cap and am totally please with the results we achieved when using it. It is simple to use, easy to store and does not take up much room. You can learn more about the heat cap and purchase at:

*Update* I forgot to mention that typically when using the heat cap with curlers one just has to put the curlers in dry hair, heat the Heat Cap in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, wear the Heat Cap a few minutes, take it off,  let the hair COMPLETELY cool, then unroll the curls. Since the hair is already dry, you don’t have to wait for wet locks to dry out… This provide a quick way to curl the hair without all the heat damage of a curling iron. Since this was D’s dance recital hair and I was using Curlformers and was unable to tuck them all under the cap, I wanted to play it safe and leave it on as long as time would allow. 

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