Dance Hairstyle Ideas

D’s dance hairstyles were pretty simple this year for her recital. I did a quicker version of our veil style braids into a pony tail and we were in such a rush that I totally forgot to get pictures of it, I had to take the dance hair pictures the next day after her T-ball game, so the style had gotten a little fuzzy with the hat and batting helmets being on and off all day. But here she is in costume and her hairstyles for each:

For this one I left the ponytail out:

For her costume change I simply twisted the ponytail up into a bun and added her feathers. It’s an easy switch that accommodates the costume and accessories and can be done quickly between dances:

For detailed instructions on the veil style we did see this tutorial.

How did you style your little ones hair for their recital or a recent special occasion?

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