Curlformers Review

After much debating, I finally purchased a Curlformers kit. I was torn between spending the money on them or getting flexi rods. My concern with the flexi rods was: would they stay in her hair? I’ve read that they don’t stay in thin/fine hair very well. After using the Curlformers, I don’t regret my decision at all. They are easy to use and produce some amazing curls! I got the kit that includes 40 long and wide, 6 short and wide and the hook. Pictured below is a long and wide curlformer and the hook.

Curlformers Review

Curlformers have an opening at each end; this is the slot for the hook to slide through.

Once the hook is through the Curlformer, you take your section of hair, give it a twist and put it through the hook then pull the hook out, in turn pulling the hair though the Curlformer, easy as that!

The amont of time this process takes depends on the hair length, thickness and the size of sections you place in each roller. I did about 1 inch sections, used probably half of the long and wides and it took about 30
minutes…not long!

I washed her hair and put the Curlformers in while it was still wet. I used Bee Mine Curly Butter on each section of hair. She slept in them overnight and I took them out the next morning. Here are the results:

The first stranger we saw after we stepped out of the house was complimenting her curls, asking if I did this with a curling iron! I explained to her what I used and that they are a great alternative to using heat on the hair, which means less damage!
Day 2

Day 3

She didn’t feel like taking pictures that third day, but they held up pretty well for 3 days, she slept with a satin bonnet on each night. So, it’s safe to say that I love Curlformers and I can’t wait to use them more in the future!
For more information and to order your styling kit visit Culformers

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Disclosure: I purchased the Curlformer kit mentioned above with my own money.

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