Curlformers On Straight Hair Momma Style

There are plenty of hairstyles for girls on this site, but not too many hairstyles for women, so I wanted to do a style for the mom’s out there. This is a simple style I did using Curlformers. I used the short and wide curlers that came in our styling kit. I washed my hair, applied some Bee Mine Curly Butter (Bee Mine isn’t just for curly hair, it worked great on my straight hair), then I put the Curlformers in and wore them for about 3 hours until my hair had completely dried.

curlformers on straight hair

I liked this style, it was nice for a change, my hair is always worn straight. My hair is growing out from a very short hairstyle, (the stacked in the back, longer in the front style that I wore for years), and is in a somewhat awkward length state right now…but I am trying to grow it out. Here is a photo I dug up of my shorter style:

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Want to learn more about Curlformers you can also see our “official” instructions on how to use Curlformers and another Curlformers hairstyle we did on D. You can also save on Bee Mine Products using the coupon code UTHM12HOT, this will get you 10% off your order of $15 or more this 2012 Summer and Fall season. Check the Bee Mine Banner in the side bar for updated codes.

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