Cornrows Lady Gaga Hair Bows Style Tutorial

Mo Plaits is back this week to give us a tutorial on this super cute cornrows with Lady Gaga hair bows style! If you missed the Mo Plaits introduction post and her first hairstyle tutorial last week, be sure to check it out: Hairstyle Contributor Mo Plaits: Circle Cornrow Tutorial.

Cornrows and Lady Gaga Hair Bows Style How To

Items needed:
Spray water bottle, rat tail comb/small toothed comb, styling gel, Topsy Tail wand (or a beader/beading tool).

Step 1 Wet hair with water and apply a generous amount of styling gel. (need cornrowing tips see our cornrowing for beginners post)
Step 2 Part hair from ear to ear, pin back the back half of hair to keep out of your way while working with the front section of hair.
Step 3 Use the end of comb, starting at the front hairline going back to the part create a straight back plait (cornrow).
Step 4 After cornrowing your design, take braids from middle of head and braid down towards ears. Use an elastic for a secure hold.
Step 5 Creating the bow!! Once the hair is secure in the elastic, take a piece of hair from ponytail and pin it out the way (this will be used for the middle part of bow). Then take half of the hair in the ponytail and wrap around your finger loosely. Take a clear elastic (or whatever color best matches the hair), apply the elastic close to the ponytail, you have created the first section of the bow!
Step 6 Repeat directions for other half of the ponytail to complete the bows.
Step 7 Take the small section of hair you pinned out the way, if you have a Topsy Tail wand you may use that…if you don’t you may use a beading tool. Stick the wand through the bow, out of, and towards the top of the head. Grab the small piece of hair, and insert it into the beading wand hoop, pull downwards. Viola… You’ve completed your VERY first hair bow!

Step 8 Cornrow the back half of hair, and add some flare with either beads, or ballies!!

There you have it… the super cute cornrows with bows hairstyle!

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