Cindy Lou Who Hairstyle Tutorial

This hairstyle was inspired by Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, this was the theme for our holiday parade, (which was actually canceled at the last minute do to the rain…but we had gotten all dressed up and ready so we took some photo’s).

Cindy Lou Who Hairstyle Tutorial

I used a party hat to create this style. I stuff the party hat with paper and taped the bottom (to keep the paper in), this made the hat stiff and ensured that it didn’t collapse.

-First, parted out the section in the back to braid and left it down. *TIP*: I had to improvise by doing the braided sections in the back, rather than on the sides, because when I first tried the style, the weight of her hair kept pulling the hat down, keeping her hair from staying on the top of her head like it needed to be. So, I put two braids in the back and then pinned them up on the sides.

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-Then I placed the party hat on the top center of her head and covered it with her hair.

-I used pony tail holder to around her hair and the top of the party hat to keep everything in place.

(sorry the lighting in the photo is horrible)

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