Center Stage Barbie

Name:Laina aka Barbie

Age: 8 yrs old

Hobbies: Barbie plays the Violin, she loves to sing and dance. And she loves having Movie nights!

Routine & Products: We have a very simple hair routine. I wash her hair two days out of the week and Co-wash it once a week. I try to stay away from using heat, hair sprays,and etc.  When she goes to bed I usually put her hair in a pony tail or a braid so it won’t get knots in it. I would say she has 1b type hair.  I use a leave in conditioner called Hi image that is olive oil base,Kid’s organic styling gel that is also olive oil base and just Suave Shampoo and Conditioner to wash and co-wash her hair.

Favorite Styles: She loves fish tails braids, Veil Style, and  Braids

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Extra Info: We also have a blog called You Can Do It Too, because I believe anyone can do hair. Nothing is easy at first. Never give up. Practice makes perfect!

french twist hairstyle

Props to Kim for the adorable styles she does on her neice, Barbie, we thank her for sharing them with us! To see more of their styles head over their blog, You Can Do It Too.

Got some styles you are proud of and what to show off? Send them to us and be feature on our Center Stage!!

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