Best Tiktok Curly Hair Hacks

Hundreds of people who previously believed they had straight hair are now finding they actually have curly hair in the past few weeks! And TikTok is solely to blame. That’s right, the well-known video-sharing app can teach you things that can actually change your life in addition to teaching you the newest dance moves and making fun of your lover. At least things that alter hair.

People who have tried the technique on TikTok use a similar process. They shampoo and condition their hair, add leave-in conditioner and curl product, and then brush it through. They then lift their head up, dip the front of their hair into a bowl of water, and squeeze the product back into the bowl. They keep going back and forth between the two sides.

Many TikTok creators dunk around twice per side, but Zia tells Allure that she goes through four rounds of it to get the job done. Zia, who goes by the mononymous name of Zia, demonstrated the bowl method in a video, promising in the caption that this tedious process supposedly can “reduce frizz, hydrate curls, dilute and distribute [the] product, and help with curl clumps.”

Even if this procedure extends your hair regimen by a few minutes, TikTokers Jonathan Monroe and Kimberly Daz think it’s worthwhile to make the extra effort. Monroe advises anyone who frequently uses products to keep their hair moisturized and free of frizz to give this method a try.

Here is the procedure for letting loose your curls, along with a summary of some of the more well-liked products.

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Step 1: Use a curly hair shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. The original video features @thedaniellelife using Aussie’s Miracle Curls Collection products. Since @thedaniellelife’s music became so well-known, it appears that this is the most well-liked product category. In other words, everyone has started using Aussie shampoo and conditioner if they want results resembling those in the first video.

Step 2: After using conditioner, brush hair in the shower. This one is simple. Apply the conditioner to your hair after shampooing it, and then brush it. Only at this stage should you brush your hair; depending on the thickness of your curls, you might prefer to keep to using a wide-toothed comb or even just your fingers. Additionally, you should rinse off the majority of the conditioner, but not all of it!

Step 3: Apply a lotion or oil for curl definition. Apply a curling cream or oil after a shower (when your hair is still damp). Uses Aussie’s Curl-Defining Oil: @thedaniellelife (also from the Miracle Cures Collection). Cantu or Garnier produce additional well-known goods.

Step 4: T-shirt hairstyling: scrunch hair. Another crucial tip is to avoid using a terry cloth towel to dry your curly hair. It will become frizzy if you do that. Instead, find a cotton T-shirt and gently crimp your hair with it. Don’t vigorously rub it to dry it out. Gently crunch it!

Step 5: Plop your hair in step five. Not familiar with plopping? You’re fortunate! We offer a complete guide about hair plopping. Basically, you want to cover it with a cotton T-shirt and leave it alone for a bit, ideally for at least an hour.

Step 6: Reveal!  Enjoy your curls while taking off your T-shirt!


When employing your go-to curly tool to complete your routine, the technique is essential. We are all familiar with the highs and lows of attempting to make our daily hair care routines a little less stressful and easier. These TikTok videos are a collection of quick fixes and adjustments you may make to your daily routine to instantly improve it.

After a wash day, Lovelifecurlsofficial recommends the ever-popular finger coiling technique as a terrific way to shape your curls.

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Thanks to makenzieandmalia, discover how to define your curls with your preferred style product and a Denman brush.

In order to avoid frizz, Anastasiaperraultt advises wrapping your hair in a satin hat at night.

Check out niaakilah TikTok ‘s to discover how to wrap and protect your ends for hair growth if you have type 4 hair.

Thecurlycode demonstrates how to create tight, defined curls with a perm rod set.


Ah, nothing brings your curls to life like a good curly cocktail! Cocktails of products are all about layering the ideal products to benefit your hair based on your overall objectives. We all have different sorts and textures of curl, therefore no two cocktails are the same. It’s uncommon for one product to be able to meet all of your demands for natural hair, so learning how to mix your preferred products is essential!

With this step-by-step curl process from curlsbykeish, you can learn how to mix your products using a styling cream and gel.

To completely moisten your curls, use the LCO (Leave-in, Cream, Oil) technique. We find it simple to follow thanks to Sallybruks.

If you have longer curls, iamjocelynsilva has a great lesson on sectioning and patiently adding products one at a time.

Choosing which products to use when your curls are dry might be difficult. A fantastic transition of things to utilize when you need additional moisture is shown in Kekekurly’s TikTok video.

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If you’ve ever combined products and had a terrible outcome, kumarienaomi can show you a quick method to determine whether the formulations of your products will benefit or harm your hairdo.


What could possibly be more satisfying than a nice haircut? Regular haircuts are crucial to keeping your curls in good shape. Numerous TikToks shot at the salon take us through the issue, the cut, and of course the stylist’s amazing change. These TikToks are a fantastic method to find curly hair salons around and find ideas for your upcoming trim. The transformations on these TikToks are astounding, whether you’re feeling brave about bangs or want to try a new appearance.

Watch romy xsara use a trim and curl-defining products to revive these broken ends.

Cutting bangs is as easy as 1, 2, 3 according to CurlPop’s fast guide, which also features a stunning bangs transformation.

ActuallyAshly demonstrates the value of open communication with your stylist to get the finest curl result possible.

This is a fantastic curly transformation from CurlsBySabrina from beginning to end if you have long, loose curls.


Whether you are going out or searching for a casual method to show off your curls, style is everything. Curly hairdos are adaptable, enjoyable, and simple. You may quickly find your distinctive look with a little practice and perseverance. In order to master the newest fashion, you’ll be rushing to your bathroom with your favorite products in hand after seeing TikTok’s wealth of short suggestions and amazing makeovers. Don’t forget to read the caption, where the majority of creators include more details on how to recreate their appearance.

draco.dez offers a quick and easy method for making space buns with bangs that you can then style with your preferred edge tamer.

The half up, half down hairstyle by its.brinkley is a sleek, voluminous way to wear your curls today.


Reply to @megdelawit15 Here is my twist out routine!✨🤍 #curls #curlyhairtutorial #curlyhair #fyp

♬ Kontrol – Maleek Berry

Rocking your hair straight out of a protective style, like itslulit’s immaculate twist out technique, is one of the secrets to getting a varied curl pattern or waves.

Looking for inventive ways to add braids to traditional buns? Carranitac makes it seem quite simple.

In terms of beauty hacks, TikTok is basically the hub. You’ll leave with something novel and exciting to try, even after a brief stay. Some of them might genuinely alter your course! The site forced us to purchase a variety of styling equipment, hair accessories, and a variety of hairstyling hacks to go along with them, making hair one of the most popular TikTok rabbit holes. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about the internet, it’s that just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

You may have noticed the viral bowl technique receiving constant praise on TikTok, which many claim is the key to creating frizz-free curls. But unlike many viral hacks, this one requires patience. It takes a lot of time, therefore it’s not for those of us who are impatient.

As additional content is released on the platform over the next year, we can’t wait to see the new curly TikToks that will appear.

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