10 Cute Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

I love Halloween, so I’ve put together a post of 10 cute Halloween hairstyle ideas. Also, check out our post from last year’s Halloween and my crazy Halloween hair from several year ago and other costumes from past Halloweens for more inspiration.

pumpkin hair
Pumpkin Hair by Princess Piggies
Pumpkin Head from Beads, Braids & Beyond
You can always rock the BIG hair for Halloween
halloween hair for bee costume
Baby BEE Hair from Baby Big Hair
Or try this if you have a little one with not much hair – Image source
Spider Cornrows by Keyative Styles
Another cute pumpkin hairstyle, this one is from Mainly Braids
Spider Cornrow Hairstyle by Natural Hair Care Info
Princess Piggies did this festive style

Check out more Halloween ideas:

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