The Haircut

I mentioned in our post on natural treatments for head lice that we cut D’s hair, many of you were wanting to see the after shot. As I mentioned in the lice post, we were having to run the nit comb through small sections of her hair daily, which became very tedious, and the nit comb kept snagging her ends making it painful for her and we made the decision to cut the ends and a little bit more off. Most of you know that her hair had gotten pretty long and we cut quit a bit off, which was kind of sad, it was a bittersweet hair cut, but we will continue to take good care of hair and it will grow back quickly. See the before shot of her long hair  and here is what her hair looks like now:


That’s it… almost to her shoulder’s when shrunk up…this was an attempted twist out, I will be posting on the rest of the style soon.

So, how about you? Have you ever had an unfortunate haircut? Has your child? How did you handle it?

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  1. Shelly R says:

    Her hair just gorgeous, so healthy!! It will grow back just as pretty. :-)

  2. Her hair looks really beautiful, even if it is shorter! Looks super healthy too!

  3. I’m still going through the motions of my “hair disaster” when attempting to deep condition my own hair (Sigh) But let’s use these experiences to motivate us! :)

  4. Char~ says:

    Her hair looks very healthy!!! Nothing wrong with cutting her hair… I had to cut one of my dd’s hair three inches because she decided she wanted to do her hair herself for that school year. I let her do it… and she had it all messed up… So, I cut it… She cried… That was last year… It was up at her neck… when stretched, it hit her collar… Now, a year later… She’s about waist length… all healthy hair… So… It all worked out.


  5. Emmi says:

    Oh girl I’m crying for you! Her hair still looks beautiful though. Like some of the other moms I also cried when I had to get my daughter’s hair trimmed so I can’t imagine how traumatic it is to have to cut off so much. It’s just good to know that it will grow back fast!

  6. LaShauna Gaines says:

    beautiful and Healthy. By this time next year it will be back to her

  7. I LOVE IT! It looks so healthy and shiny! It’ll grow back in no time, hopefully it wasn’t too traumatic for her.

  8. Katherine G says:

    Her hair still looks gorgeous!! It’s sad you had to cut it but as you said it will grow back quickly.