Teething Tots Hazelwood Necklace Review

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Teething Tots is a home based business ran by a mother of two who is was inspired by her daughters and has become dedicated to providing natural teething alternatives for other parents. I have been using the Teething Tots Hazelwood with Cognac & Cherry Baltic Amber necklace on my son for almost 4 months now. So how do these teething necklaces work?

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Benefits of Amber

Succinic acid, found in Amber, has been shown to have a very positive influence on the body. The succinic acid is released by body heat from amber beads, it quickly penetrates the skin and circulates throughout the body, via the bloodstream, and eases pain.  In addition to easing teething symptoms, the succinic acid is also known to accelerate the healing of wounds, ease muscle pains, reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach, reduce/prevent respiratory disease, decrease colic symptoms, reduce acid reflux, reduce eczema and improve heart, liver, kidney, and intestinal function

Benefits of Hazelwood

Hazelwood is an alkaline wood and has the natural property of absorbing and neutralizing the body’s acidity through contact with the skin. Acidity in the body during teething often leads to symptoms such as diaper rash, diarrhea, teething rash, runny nose, increased reflux episodes and inflammation of the cheeks. Hazelwood aids in relieving or preventing many of the symptoms caused by this unbalanced acidity.


Baby Boy is rarely without his necklace, other than to bathe and sleep. In the instances that I forget to put his necklace on him when he wakes up, I do notice that he is a little bit more cranky. I truly believe the necklace helps with his teething pain and in turn makes him less irritable and over all happier because he feels better. I recommend Amber or Amber/Hazelwood teething necklaces to any parent with a teething tot! These necklaces are designed with the child’s safety in mind but it is not recommended that they sleep in them.

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  1. Rebekah says:

    What an interesting idea! I am glad it helps your baby with his teething pain.

  2. This is the 1st I have hear of these. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve always heard such great things about Amber teething necklaces. I have a friend pregnant with twins so I just might have to gift her some!

    • Brooke says:

      I really think they are a great gift, I’ve given a couple as gifts since I’ve discovered them.

  4. Nicole (Mama to 4 Blessings) says:

    we love out teething necklaces!

  5. Danielle says:

    My children both wear amber teething necklackes but I had no idea that hazelwood was also a great natural solution to ailments.

  6. goldilocksnme says:

    Interesting, I’ve heard of these but never actually seen one. It’s cute!

  7. Wow this is really interesting thanks for sharing! You never know what someone will think of next. :)

  8. Cecile says:

    What a cute necklace. Never heard of these before.

  9. This’d be great for my niece whose teeth are starting to erupt! :)

  10. I love these.. I’d love to get one for baby on the way. Thanks for the great review. I will be back to enter.

  11. Lacy says:

    How much is the hazel wood necklace like this one? I really like it and my son is getting his back teeth and it is bothering him really bad. Trying to find anything to help him and me get more sleep. Please contact me back.

  12. Lilla Sethi says:

    Muscle pain can be best remedied through the use of OTC pain killers like ibuprofen and paracetamol…”“

    Best regards

  13. desiree says:

    i like this deal ad wish i had it when my kdi were growing up