Winterize Your Hair: Natural Hair Care Tips for Winter

Natural Hair Care Tips for Winter

The winter months can be especially hard on the hair, the cold winds can dry it out quickly. Here are 6 quick tips for winter hair care:

Natural Hair Care Tips for Winter

1. Use heavier products. I use coconut oil to moisturize D’s hair during the summer months and olive oil during the winter. I tried shea butter back in the summer and it was too heavy for her hair, but I am excited to give it another try during these colder months. A tip I got from Rock it NAPPtural!,  products that are too heavy in the warmer months might be perfect in the winter months.
2. Shampoo less, condition more. Use a good hydrating conditioner more often and don’t shampoo as often.
3. Wear satin lined hats. Cotton and wool can dry out the hair, this is one reason satin bonnets, pillow cases and satin lined hats and beanies are recommended. This is something I have learned this year, so I have added it my list of things to do: to go back and put satin liners in D’s’ beanies and hats.
4. Avoid heat…this includes blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and long hot showers (even though they are amazing in the colder months)…the heat will dry your hair out.
5. Wear protective styles….bun, braids, twists, cornrows, bantu knots, etc… are considered protective styles
6. Deep condition

Hair CarnivalDo you have any natural hair care tips for the colder months? Does you routine change? What are some of you favorite protective styles? Let us know! Then visit the other blogs below to learn more about Winter Hair Care.

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