Top Hair Posts of 2012

top hairstyle posts 2012

Happy New Year Untrained Hair Mom readers!

First,  I want to wish you all the best in 2013!! I also wanted to compile and share with you all a list of our top hair posts of 2012. It’s always fun to see which blog posts are the most read posts on my blog. It lets me know what my readers like best and what to post more of! Did your favorite post/style make the list?

1. Cute, Easy Cornrow Style for Kids – So it’s obvious that you guys like cute easy cornrows style..hey, me too! We will be sure to do many more cornrow tutorials this year now that we have cornrowing master Mo Plaits on our blogging team.

2. Cornrowing for Beginners: Tips and Easy Styles – I know that learning to cornrow can be very challenging, I still struggle with it sometimes, so it’s nice to have some easy styles and cornrowing tips bookmarked for reference.

3. Hairstyle Tutorials – The categories of hairstyle tutorials page came in at  #3, this page contains a list of our hairstyle categories that we have tutorials on such as cornrows, bun styles, twists, faux hawks, etc…

4. Cindy Lou Who Hairstyle Tutorial – I actually did this style and created the tutorial on it in 2011, but it was still a big hit this year!

5. Dread Loc Care, Maintenance and Styles – This was a fabulous guest post by “Loc Star” with some beautiful loc hairstyles.

6. Natural Hair Growth and Retaining Length – This post documented D’s hair growth over the past couple of years and what I attributed her hair growth and length retention to.

7. Cornrows and Beads: Hairstyle for Kids –  This is one my favorite styles! I’m so glad to see it on the list of most viewed posts this year, that means others liked it, too!

8. Winterize Your Hair: Natural Hair Care Tips for Winter – Did you know that hair needs change in the colder months? This post contains 6 simple tips for winter hair care.

9. Hair Care Routine – Caring for natural curls can be challenging and lots of questions come up along the way, I’ve shared D’s hair care routine in hopes of helping others while learning to care for their child’s (or their own) natural hair.

10. Cornrow Faux Hawk – Another one of my favorites, I love mohawk and faux hawk hairstyles.

But wait…

There were a few of my favorites that didn’t make the top 10 list but they were very close and I think they’re worth a mention as well:

Wash and Go Series: Battle of the Styling Products – I actually loved this entire series, it was fun to experiment with different products and report the results of each for you all. Oh and the giveaways were fun, too!

Updo: This is a super cute and simple updo style that can be done on any hair type.

Natural Hair Straightened and Trimmed: Because I see so many questions about trims and cuts in the natural hair care community I had to share our experience with trimming natural hair.

So, there you have it…the most read posts on Untrained Hair Mom in 2012. What was your favorite post?