Center Stage Toddler Hairstyles: Aniya

Kristy shares the hair care routine and hairstyles for her toddler Aniya.

toddler hair

I am quite frequently asked what it is I do to Aniya’s hair to make it look so pretty. So here is our routine and preferred products…
We wash only once a week using the Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner (can be purchased at Target). As far as styling I douse with a detangler (Suave kids) and comb out with a wide tooth comb. Then I massage through the hair more of the Fekkai conditioner (It works well as a leave in). Then a dab of the Fekkai Glossing Cream for taming extra frizzies, sleekness and shine. Define curls with fingers(this is key in getting the ringlets to come out so pretty). Sometimes I will blowdry for just a couple of minutes to really set the curls and combat the shrinkage. There isn’t too much a of a night routine at this point but I am sure once her hair starts getting longer and harder to brush out in the mornings I will begin wrapping it. Plus she is just 19 months so there is no way she would leave a head wrap on. Favorite hairstyles, most days I just style curls and add a headband. Some days we do a side clip, pigtails or a pixie tail.  I have attached a few pics, before styling and after styling. Enjoy!

toddler hair and tangles

easy toddler hairstyles


toddler curls

toddler curly hair

Thanks to Kristy for sharing her beautiful toddlers hair regimen with us! If you’d like a featured spot on our blog email us at centerstage @ you can see Center Stage details for more info, we’d love to hear from you!

Today’s Throwback: Toddler Hairstyle Finger Curled Ponytails

When D was younger, the all over small finger curled ponytails was our favorite toddler hairstyle for her, it was easy and it lasted us a few days. Back then we used Just for Me Hair lotion, I’m sure with better products this style could last a little longer, I would have loved to have done this style with Bee Mine Curly Butter! Before getting into blogging, I didn’t really take pictures of her hairstyles, but I found some older photos that show this style. To do this, start on wet/damp hair, part a section of hair into a square, use your favorite styling product, put it into a ponytail and wrap it around your finger to curl it.

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Center Stage: Baby O


This is Baby O and she’s 2, on the verge of 3! I wash her hair once a week, unless it’s been a rough day at daycare in the sand box. I also deep condition with things I keep in the kitchen (honey, avocado, coconut milk) and warm oil treatments (jojoba and olive oil) once a month. I usually make my own products, but I do use Kinky Curly Knot Today, for when the fairies have played in her hair and made a lot of tangles, and Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold and Shine Moisture Mist when I running out the door and need to spray her hair down with something. Her favorite styles are any that have accessories that make noise when she shakes her head. A close second favorite style of hers is her baby ‘fro and a big flower clip!

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Recreated Style: Entry #5

This style was done on Baby O from Intermittent Babbling: Hair Care and My Thoughts About It. Since they didn’t do the styles for the 4th of July and pink accessories were used in place of the red, white and blue ones, they called it the Sunburst part, cute name!

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