Recreated Hairstyle Contest: Entry #1

I wanted to start sharing the entries I am receiving for our Recreated Hairstyle Contest. Here is entry number one from a fellow blogger at Goldilocks n Me, they recreated the infamous poofy pony and it looks amazing!

If you would like to enter our Recreated Hairstyle Contest for your chance to win some hair accessories, send in your own rendition of one of our styles from the blog or from our Facebook Hairstyle Gallery, styles must be sent in no later than September 29.

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Saturday’s “Shappin” Hairstyle: Poofy Side Pony + Tangle Teezer

This weeks “Shappin” Style is one of D’s all-time favorites (probably because it is so quick and easy), and I love it too! The poofy side pony! The way we get this look:

Once her hair has been washed, moisturized and detangled, we either braid or band her hair in 3 or more sections. She will either just sleep in the braids/bands or wear it as a style for a day or two, either way once her hair is dry we take it down and brush it using the Tangle Teezer. The Tangle Teezer creates a nice poof and we are then able to smooth into a cute side ponytail.

*Update- I would like to note that we no longer use the Tangle Teezer to detangle. I had notice a lot of breakage going on about a month or so ago (after we began using the Tangle Teezer). When we first started using the TT, I thought it was amazing! With some Kinky-Curly Knot Today and the Tangle Teezer the tangles just slid right out. There was always hair in the TT after each use, I just thought it was shed hair. After becoming aware of the breakage D was having and upon examining the “shed hair” it was apparent that it was actually breakage from the TT :(  I was using it correctly and even finger detangling prior to each TT use and nothing else in our routine had changed, what a bummer, I had been so excited and wowed by this brush. D had loved it too, it was quick and it didn’t hurt. I haven’t used the Tangle Teezer in about a month but if I were to use it again, it would be soley to create fluff and poof, and I would completely detangle her hair beforehand.

Has anyone else experienced breakage with the Tangle Teezer?

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