Going “No-‘Poo”: Guest Post

This guest post is coming to you via Brittany of The Pistachio Project
Ready for an extremely crunchy topic? No ‘poo! No, I am not talking about not going to the bathroom, I am referring to the method of not shamPOOing your hair.

Before you start thinking, EWW, gross! Let me explain. No ‘pooing does not mean that you are not washing your hair. Although some die hard crunchies will go that far and only wash with water. It does not begin that way and it does not have to end that way.
Most no ‘poo fans stick with using baking soda and vinegar.
Yes, the same ingredients that you use to clean your house can clean your hair! Go figure. Baking soda becomes your “shampoo” and vinegar becomes your “conditioner”.

The Recipe:
Shampoo: 1 tablespoon baking soda mixed in 1 cup of water.
Conditioner: 1 tablespoon vinegar in 1 cup of water. ( most people use this amount, however I use 1/2 cup vinegar in 1/2 cup water.

The Reality:
Day 1: Washed hair with baking soda, let the baking soda mixture sit on my head for at least a minute. and then rinsed out. Followed with vinegar mixture, let that sit for awhile as well, rinsed. Felt strange. Washing with baking soda made my hair feel squeaky clean in the shower and obviously, vinegar did not have the same smooth feeling that traditional conditioner does. Once dried, my hair was the same as before I went no ‘poo. Also, it did not smell like vinegar.
Day 2: I got compliments on my hair today! They said it looked soft and shiny! Yay, for no ‘poo!
Day 3: Hair wasn’t as greasy as it usually is by this time. Same wash method. Same results. (note: I think the reason my hair did not go through the usual detox period of horrible greasy hair is because I have been washing every 3 days for a long time before going no ‘poo and I had been using natural shampoos. If I had gone from shampooing every day and with the traditional toxic stuff then my hair might have freaked out.)
Day 5: Hair is pretty greasy, definitely a hat day. Although this is probably my fault for playing with my hair so much.
Day 6: Wash Day! Same baking soda mixture but this time I did half vinegar, half chamomile tea (note: chamomile can give natural blonde highlights, so use it only if you want to have some blonde in your hair.) My hair smelled great! I was worried about my hair not getting clean enough because it was so greasy but it came out perfect!
Day 12: I have kept the same washing method. I still use vinegar and water, although once in awhile I will use the chamomile tea. My hair is much softer and looks great! I wash every 3 days and by the third day it does get a little greasy, but definitely not as greasy as it used to be with traditional shampoo. My dandruff is better also. I never had a horrible case of dandruff but it has definitely improved since going no ‘poo.

The Verdict:
I love going no ‘poo! I will never switch back to the traditional stuff. This is an amazing way to wash your hair. However, I will never go completely no ‘poo and do only water. There is not harm with sticking to the washing method. I could probably wash more often if I really needed it. Although, I hear if you do need to do a wash in between wash days, then you can just do a vinegar rinse or just water. I have not tried that yet simply due to the fact that I do not like having to dry my hair.

The Pistachio Project

Thanks for sharing Brittany!