Monster High City Ghouls Dance Costume, Make-Up and Hair

As promised in our hip hop dance hairstyle tutorial here is D’s Monster High “City Ghouls” aka “Fright Lights, Big City” dance costume, make-up and hair! This would be great for Halloween, too. The outfit is an actual dance costume ordered by her instructor from a dance company. I’m not sure which company, but with a google search you can probably find something similar or make your own cheaper version.

Wow! City Ghouls make-up, costume, hair - for Dance or Halloween. Pin now for later!

For “Ghoul” make-up on darker skin:
I took a foundation that was about 3 shades lighter than her natural skin tone and applied it to her face. I had some really light powder and also some white/vampire Halloween powder, you could probably just use one or the other but since I had both I put the light powder on all over and did some highlighting with the white. For lighter skin tones the white powder would more than likely be just fine.

monster high city ghouls costume

For the eyes I blended some grey, black and dark purple eye shadow on her eye lids and under her eyes for that “ghoul” dark circle under eyes effect. Then I went back over with just purple on her eyelids. The idea was actually “messy” make-up so I didn’t worry too much about it being perfect or the same on each side. We had black lipstick, which would have been great with this look, but D decided to stick with the red, which worked well for dance recital.
Monster High: City Ghoul costume/make up/hair perfect for dance or Halloween! Pin no for later!
Adding a “stitch/scar” and ratting the hair: These can be added anywhere using eyeliner. Some of the dancers added some on their faces or extended them on each side of the mouth. Oh and I also took her pinned braids and ponytail down in back, ratted it a little, (but not too much simply because we had straightened her naturally curly hair and she is wanting to keep it straight for as long as possibly and not deal with a bunch of hairspray/tangles, etc..), but the bigger/messier the better for this look. city ghoul costume make up
Finished product on stage complete with scary pose:

Monster High "City Ghouls" make-up, costume, hair - for Dance or Halloween. Pin now for later!
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10 Cute Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

10 Cute Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

I love Halloween, so I’ve put together a post of 10 cute Halloween hairstyle ideas. Also, check out our post from last year’s Halloween and my crazy Halloween hair from several year ago and other costumes from past Halloweens for more inspiration.

pumpkin hairpumpkinhair
Pumpkin Hair by Princess Piggies

halloween pumpkin hair
Pumpkin Head from Beads, Braids & Beyond

medusa hair
Medusa Hair

halloween hair big hair
You can always rock the BIG hair for Halloween

halloween hair for bee costume
Baby BEE Hair from Baby Big Hair

Cute Fall and Halloween Hair Accessory
Or try this if you have a little one with not much hair – Image source

spider cornrows
Spider Cornrows by Keyative Styles

halloween hairstyles
Another cute pumpkin hairstyle, this one is from Mainly Braids

spider cornows
Spider Cornrow Hairstyle by Natural Hair Care Info

halloween hair
Princess Piggies did this festive style

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Happy Halloween!!! Our Halloween Costumes {Linky} #haircarnival

 We dressed up and went Trick or Treating on the the town Saturday evening. We all got in the spirit this year…although I did not have a costume until the last minute, lol. I recycled a couple items from past Halloween Costumes and went as a witch. Dad was Darth Vader and the baby was Yoda. D wore her pink leopard kitty costume.

Halloween Costumes and Styles: Today’s Throwback/Hair Carnival

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share some of our past Halloween Costumes.

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Colortime Crafts and Fabric Markers Review and #Giveaway

colortime logo

By now you all have come to find out that this blog is about much more than hair, we represent wholesome family fun and feature all types of quality products for families. If I find a product that my family loves, I want to share it with my readers!! This is a great item for the kiddos and it comes from Colortime Crafts. Colortime has a creative and positive wearable art concept. They have ready-to-color T-shirts, pillowcases, totes, backpacks and bandanas all in a variety of designs. D really enjoys coloring and I knew she would love this idea. Colortime sent us 4 Halloween Totes and a set of bold value fabric markers. I was surprised at the large size of the totes, this will surely hold all of her candy when we go Trick or Treating. Usually we have to empty her sack/pumpkin/ whatever it is she is using to collect candy in, several times before the night is over, but I’m confident we wont have to this year!!

halloween tote

You can see it is a large tote bag and that D and I had a blast coloring. It was a great activity for us to do together!

The cost of the Colortime tote bags are 4.75 a piece (you can also order in bulk for cheaper pricing per tote). You can browse all of their items and designs and order your own on their website: Colortime Crafts and Markers.

One of my readers will win 4 tote bags and a set of bold fabric markers from Colortime (a $32 value)!

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below (it may take a moment to load):

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Hairstyles for Halloween

I love Love LOVE Halloween!! The dressing up, the costumes, the make-up, the hair!! I still dress up for Halloween, even though I am “grown”, hehe. I wanted to share one of my favorite past Halloween costumes and hairstyles, Halloween is well on its way afterall. A few years ago I was a “Punk Fairy” with a purple faux hawk.

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Wholesale Halloween Costume Review

I absolutely love Halloween, it has always been one of my favorite holidays. D has already picked her halloween costume, after all Halloween is right around the corner and will be here before we know.  We got it online from website. D picked out the Purrty Kitty Child Costume:
Purrty Kitty Child Costume

The costume is great, of course, she tried it on as soon as we got it (no photo’s yet, you’ll have to wait until Halloween). The costume includes a crushed velvet dress with fur trim, attached crinoline, a tail, leg warmers, mitts, ears, and a collar with a bell. They have so many cute kid’s costumes and tons of extras that can be used to accessorize each of their costumes. You can get these costumes at wholesale prices, hence the name, this particular costume is regular $37.99, but just $24.50 on their website. Shipping time and rates are great, they have same day shipping and a flat rate of $5.90.

We are so excited for Halloween this year, it will also be Baby Boy’s first Halloween and we’ve got a great costume idea in mind….stayed tuned!

Does your child have a costume yet?