Trimming Naturally Curly Hair

We got D’s hair trimmed, or should I say CUT again, recently. Her last trim was in November so she was due for another. She had some massive hair growth since then and we ended up cutting off about 4 inches this time. I just wanted to share a few photo’s with you all.

After the November Trim:

using flat ironed for natural hair  trim

After the May Trim:

natural hair flat ironed for trim

See her before trim hair length.

We went with the same routine that we used the last time we trimmed her natural hair. Washing and banding the hair over night. The next day I took her hair down and combed through it, then put it in one banded ponytail before we headed off to get it cut.

banded natural hair

banded ponytail hairstyle

And here she is with her straightened, trimmed hair.

straight hair with feather extension

Our buddy at Mainly Braids made the comment they she looks so different with her hair straightened and I think so, too, it was weird to see her with straight hair and then it was weird when she went back curly after a few days. It is fun to have her hair straight and play around with it every once in a while, we don’t do it too often. We did some fun things like adding the colored feather extensions and another style, which will be revealed soon :) but it is also nice to go back to those curls.


Natural Hair Straightened and Trimmed

natural hair flat ironed

A lot of people ask questions regarding how to trim natural hair, so I wanted to share our hair trimming stories. D got her hair trimmed back in the summer we used a stylist we’d been using for years, she had me band D’s hair the night before and then she would trim it dry and stretched. Our stylist moved away, so we had to find a new one for the most recent trim she got back in November. This stylist straightened her hair with a flat iron…I was a little nervous, she hadn’t had her hair straightened in over a year, but at the same time I was anxious to see it straightened. The night before I moisturized her hair with our Belle Butters and Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Hair Treatment and banded it.


banding natural hair before straightening


Here are some more shots of her hair after it was straightened and trimmed: [Read more…]

Banding and Trimming Natural Hair

D and I recently took a trip to a local salon for trims. We have been using this stylist for 3 years and she is great, I never have to worry about her hacking off too much of D’s hair. She trims D’s hair while it’s dry, so I had her hair all banded in 8 ponytails, before our appointment.

Banded hair for Trimming

The purpose of banding before a trim is to stretch the hair out to its true length, to avoid cutting the hair too short. This can be done with a flat iron, but banding does not cause the heat damage that a flat iron can.

Trimming Natural Hair

Trimming Natural Hair

While we were there our stylist introduced us to a nail polish called “Crackle”. Now, I had not heard of this, maybe I am just out of the loop, lol, but I thought it was really cool. For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of it, Crackle comes in a variety of colors and is applied over another color, and creates a “crackle” effect allowing the first color to show through. Of course, Miss D, had to get her nails painted with this stuff! She chose a pink base with silver crackle for her toes and a purple base with silver crackle tips for her fingers:


The tips on the fingers didn’t “crackle” much, probably because it was such a small amount on her already small fingers. Here is a closer look at the pink/silver crackle:

Crackle Nail Polish

We both enjoyed our girls day out! :)




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