Our Favorite Hair Item Reviews of 2011

We’ve been blessed with the opportunities to try some great products and fun items and here is our list of favorites from 2011.

-Bee Mine – Bee Mine Natural Hair Care Products are the greatest products for D’s hair, we love them! You can see our reviews of their Avocado Cream Conditioner, Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer, Curly Butter and Deja’s Hair Milk. If after reading our reviews and you decide you’d like to purchase some Bee Mine Products, you can get 10% off orders over $15. And you can expect more Bee Mine reviews in 2012!

Diva Locks Crocheted Headbands – I love these gorgeous, well-made headbands, they stay on D’s head really well as opposed to regular headbands she won’t keep on.

Sidewinder Hair Holders – Fun, colorful accessories!

I Love My Hair Book – We love this book!!

Created by Nature – I can’t say enough good things about these all-natural products, that smell so good.

-Curlformers – They provide amazing curls with no heat. Check out our Curlformers review, our cross-over headband style, short and wide curlfomers on my straight hair, and kid’s Christmas styles done with long and wide curlformers and an extra long and wide set.

CUSH Cosmetics – more great, natural products!

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

We hope you find these reviews helpful and enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy providing them. Thanks for following!


Curlformers Giveaway


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Cute Holiday Hairstyles

We have used Curlformers several times and we love them! They make for some very cute holiday hairstyles  (Reflect on our original Curlformers review, D’s Mothers’ Day Criss Cross Headband Curlformers’ Hairstyle and my short hairstyle done with Curlformers). We brought out the Curlformers twice last month for the holidays. First for Christmas photos and again for her Christmas Day style.

I did the first style with our long and wide set, but as it turned out her hair has grown a lot since we used them last and I actually had to double up on the Curlformers, lol, I used every single long and wide curler and all of our short and wide curlers to ensure all of her hair was going to be curled. I did this set on damp hair using Bee Mine Curly Butter (use discount code UTHM12HOT to get 10% off Bee Mine Products).

Cute Holiday Hairstyles

Curlformers Styles and Review

And it worked! Here are some photos from the Christmas shoot:Cute Hairstyles for the Holidays
Cute Hairstyles for Girls

By the time Christmas rolled around we had gotten our Extra Long and Wide styling kit and used it. For this set I pulled her hair half up and used some of our Curling Custard.

Curlformers styling kit reviewCurlformers setCute Hairstyles for the HolidaysHow did your little ones wear their hair for Christmas?

Cute Curlformers Hairstyles for the Holidays

****Please note giveaway portion of this post as of January 2012****


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Strawllers Review

We tried out our Strawllers, and I have to admit that I was so excited to do that, that I didn’t a) watch a tutorial video first b) just dove right in and didn’t really know exactly what I was doing and c) was in a hurry to get it done. So, the curls weren’t the neatest in the world, but
the ones that I did correctly turned out good. I never really got in a good rhythm while I was doing them, that was part of them problem too. We received the 8” pink strawllers, the pink ones are their smallest in circumference, they’ve also got several larger sizes. I started on clean, wet hair to which I had applied some Crème Brulee (I had just received that too and was anxious to try it out) and began rolling D’s hair. Here are the photos:
Strawllers Review on natural hair
See how they are every which way, lol, and some of them have a little too much hair on them.
Strawllers Review on Kids Bircaial Hair
The roots didn’t turn out well, so I pulled the top half of her hair up and that worked:
Strawllers Hairstyles
Strawllers Hairstyles
Extreme close up:
covering hair at night
That night I pulled all of her hair up and covered it:
covering hair at night
covering hair at night
She dressed for school the next morning
strawllers poytail
strawllers poytail
And that was that, next time I will be sure to take my time and do them correctly, I have seen some great Strawller sets, several being from our friends at Curly Hair Do Ideas, they have a Strawllers pt 1 and a Strawllers pt 2 and this one from Beads Braids and Beyond.
Here is a great video tutorial, they make it look so quick and easy! I can’t wait to try it again and share it with all of you!
We also received their shampoo, conditioner, I will be using their setting products next time. Their shampoo has sulfate in it so I don’t use it on D, but rather I use it for myself because it is perfect for my hair that doesn’t dry out easily. I love their conditioner too, it is volumizing, which my hair needs all the volume aids it can get.
Have you ever tried Strawllers? Would you like to win a set? We are giving 2 Strawller Gift Sets away, right now! One is set in our Winter Wonderland giveaway and one set is included in the Winter Wonderland Grand Prize Package. So, check out those giveaways if you haven’t yet, they both end on December 6 and they both have daily entries so be sure and get those in too!!
You can order Strawllers online from their website and also visit them on Facebook and Twitter!



Curlformers on Straight Hair: Momma Style

There are plenty of hairstyles for girls on this site, but not too many hairstyles for women, so I wanted to do a style for the mom’s out there. This is a simple style I did using Curlformers. I used the short and wide curlers that came in our styling kit. I washed my hair, applied some Bee Mine Curly Butter (Bee Mine isn’t just for curly hair, it worked great on my straight hair), then I put the Curlformers in and wore them for about 3 hours until my hair had completely dried.

[Read more…]

SheaMoisture Review

See the “how to” for this style
I, of course, got these products from Walgreen’s during their ‘buy one get one’ sale in March. I purchased one of the Moisture Retention Shampoo, one Hold & Shine Moisture Mist, one Curl & Style Milk, one Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and two of the Deep Treatment Masques.
See the “how to” for this style

Loving the curls, still a residual feeling, twists didn’t last long:

Here is the Curlformers set we did using the smoothie, they looked nice and didn’t have the “residue” feel, but we only got one day out these curls:

See more of this style

Purchase Shea Moisture Products

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Saturday’s “Shappin” Hairstyle: Poofy Side Pony + Tangle Teezer

This weeks “Shappin” Style is one of D’s all-time favorites (probably because it is so quick and easy), and I love it too! The poofy side pony! The way we get this look:

Once her hair has been washed, moisturized and detangled, we either braid or band her hair in 3 or more sections. She will either just sleep in the braids/bands or wear it as a style for a day or two, either way once her hair is dry we take it down and brush it using the Tangle Teezer. The Tangle Teezer creates a nice poof and we are then able to smooth into a cute side ponytail.

*Update- I would like to note that we no longer use the Tangle Teezer to detangle. I had notice a lot of breakage going on about a month or so ago (after we began using the Tangle Teezer). When we first started using the TT, I thought it was amazing! With some Kinky-Curly Knot Today and the Tangle Teezer the tangles just slid right out. There was always hair in the TT after each use, I just thought it was shed hair. After becoming aware of the breakage D was having and upon examining the “shed hair” it was apparent that it was actually breakage from the TT :(  I was using it correctly and even finger detangling prior to each TT use and nothing else in our routine had changed, what a bummer, I had been so excited and wowed by this brush. D had loved it too, it was quick and it didn’t hurt. I haven’t used the Tangle Teezer in about a month but if I were to use it again, it would be soley to create fluff and poof, and I would completely detangle her hair beforehand.

Has anyone else experienced breakage with the Tangle Teezer?

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Saturdays “Shappin” Hairstyle: Happy Mothers’ Day Do

I’ve been wanting to do this style on D for a while and I just now got around to trying it. The first thing I did was wash her hair with a “new shampoo” (review coming soon!), I used our regular HEHH (on our last bottle of the old formua). I moisturized with the usual Bee Mine Dejas Hair Milk (which is almost gone, luckily there is a 15% off code floating around for Bee Mine Products!) I also use a little olive oil on her ends and scalp, they needed it. I parted out 6 small squares in front, applied Bee Mine Curly Butter and banded them into ponytails with olive oil soaked bands. 

Next I put the headband on and sectioned each ponytail into and began criss crossing them. I took a small section of hair right behind the headband to secure the criss crossed pieces to. I was happy with the way the top/front turned out, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the back…

I tried it down…

I tried it in a bun, which I liked…

But I decided I really wanted to use the Curlformers again!

And we loved it! :)

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moma’s out there!!!

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