Hip Hop Dance Hairstyle Straightened Curly Hair

After our last cornrow hairstyle was taken down after 5 weeks it was time to prepare D’s natural hair to be straightened and styled for her dance recital. We washed, detangled, deep conditioned and heavily moisturized her hair with our favorite moisturizer, then we banded her hair in about 8 sections for a few days (2-3 days should be enough for the hair to stretch and dry depending on the thickness).

On the morning of the recital I took the bands out and began to straighten her hair with a flat iron. She wanted a hip hop dance hairstyle that would stay out of her face while dancing, so we:

  1. Parted and added 3 cornrows on each side
  2. Then ratted, poofed, hair sprayed and pinned up the front/middle section on her hair
  3. Pull up the back of the hair into a ponytail. This is actually 2 ponytails, 1 right under the other, but you can’t really tell that, again depending on the amount and thickness of the hair you might need to make 2 ponytails
  4. Finally we wrapped and pinned the braids around the ponytail

Hip hop dance hairstyle! pin now for laterdance hair

We did almost this same hairstyle a few years ago but instead of her hair being straight it was curly, see that tutorial here: same hairstyle with curly hair.

dance hair curly and straight

Each year everyone always seems to enjoying seeing her dance costumes so here they are:
hip hop dance hair

  1. Silver Costume Dance: “Bass Down Low”
  2. Football Jersey: “Monday Night Football”
  3. Ghoul Costume: Monster High “City Ghouls” / “Friday Lights, Big City” – See our full post on the Monster High City Ghouls Dance Costume, Make-Up and Hair


Dance Hairstyles

D’s dance hairstyles were pretty simple this year for her recital. I did a quicker version of our veil style braids into a pony tail and we were in such a rush that I totally forgot to get pictures of it, I had to take the dance hair pictures the next day after her T-ball game, so the style had gotten a little fuzzy with the hat and batting helmets being on and off all day. But here she is in costume and her hairstyles for each:

For this one I left the ponytail out:

dance recital hairstyleDance Recital Hairstyle Ideas

For her costume change I simply twisted the ponytail up into a bun and added her feathers. It’s an easy switch that accommodates the costume and accessories and can be done quickly between dances:

Dance Hairstyle Ideascreative dance bun hairstyle

For detailed instructions on the veil style we did see this tutorial.

How did you style your little ones hair for their recital or a recent special occasion?



Lady Gaga Hairbow Hairstyle with Video Tutorial

As I mentioned in our last hairstyle post, D got her hair straightened and trimmed recently. With her hair being straight I thought it would be a great time to try the Lady Gaga hair bow style we’ve been wanted to do for the longest but never got around to. D’s dance recital was coming up and one of her groups dance to a Lady Gaga song and I thought it would be a fitting style. It didn’t work out for the dance recital, but she did wear the style to her dress rehearsal and the girls swooned over the style!

Here is a shot of her with her straightened natural hair before we started the style:

natural hair care for kids

And here is our Lady Gaga Bow:


For this style I used the Lady Gaga Video Tutorial from friend and fellow blogger Goldilocks n Me, it is a helpful video and super easy to follow.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwDW25Jo_GQ&w=560&h=315]

I simply parted our a square on top of her hair to use as the ponytail to create the bow.

Lady Gaga Hair style

Lady Gaga Hair Bow Hairstyle

The hair piece she is wearing is part of her dance costume, so I had to incorporate it in the style for dress rehearsal to see how it would hold up.

Lady Gaga Hairbow styleLady Gaga Hairbow stylewith colored hair extensions

Lady Gaga Hair and Dance Costume

I didn’t use any hair spray so the bow didn’t last too well through her dances and rehearsal, plus with her being up on stage it was hard to make our that she even had a Lady Gaga hair bow style so I decided to do a different dance hairstyle for the actual recital and that post will be coming up soon.



Cute, Easy Bun Hairstyle: Dance Hairstyle Idea

Cute Easy Bun Hairstyle

How I did this style:

  • I parted out a section in front from right above one ear to right above the other ear, much like the popular braided crown hairstyle, but instead of braiding I did connecting ponies all the way across.
  • When I finished that, I braided the hair coming out of the pony in a single braid, then I gathered the rest of her hair in the back into a bun and wrapped the braid around it, secured it and added her bow…that simple!

She danced at halftime of a basketball game that night. And it held up amazingly and actually lasted a few days after that!

Hope you enjoy today’s “shappin” style! :)

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