Deep Conditioning and Curling Heat Cap

I have seen the portable hood dryers that you can purchase online and from some beauty supply stores, I always thought they would be handy, but also maybe a little bit of a hassle. I don’t have a lot of room to store one and wouldn’t particularly like having to drag it out and set it up each time I’d need to use it. I found a great alternative, that is cheaper, easier to use and doesn’t take up much space. The Heat Cap.  The Heat Cap can be used as a heat source for deep conditioning and/ or hot oil treatments and over hair that is in curlers. I’ve used this cap for both.

Deep Conditioning with Heat Cap

Heat Cap
Deep Conditioning with Heat Cap

When using the cap for deep conditioning/hot oil treatments. I applied Bee Mine Beautiful Deep Conditioner covered her hair with a plastic bag (yes, I did), warmed the cap in the microwave and put it over the top of the plastic bag. I let it sit for about 30 minutes, then rinsed. Her hair was so soft and moisturized, the comb went through it like butter. The heat cap is an excellent heat source when deep conditioning or doing oil treatments.

Curlers with Heat Cap

Curlformers heat cap and curlers

When using the heat cap for hair curling, I prepared the hair by washing, conditioning, moisturizing, detangling and banding over night to ensure it was thoroughly dry. The next day I applied Curlformers, with Bee Mine Curly Butter in each section and then placed the warm heat cap over the curlers. (Don’t forget about our Bee Mine Reader discount code UTHMFALL for 10% off at The cap stayed on while D watched a movie and played her 3DS. Overall the curlers were in for several hours, I took them out just before it was time to leave for her dance recital. She had picture perfect curls!


I love the heat cap and am totally please with the results we achieved when using it. It is simple to use, easy to store and does not take up much room. You can learn more about the heat cap and purchase at:

*Update* I forgot to mention that typically when using the heat cap with curlers one just has to put the curlers in dry hair, heat the Heat Cap in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, wear the Heat Cap a few minutes, take it off,  let the hair COMPLETELY cool, then unroll the curls. Since the hair is already dry, you don’t have to wait for wet locks to dry out… This provide a quick way to curl the hair without all the heat damage of a curling iron. Since this was D’s dance recital hair and I was using Curlformers and was unable to tuck them all under the cap, I wanted to play it safe and leave it on as long as time would allow. :)

Untrained Hair Mom

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Cute Holiday Hairstyles

We have used Curlformers several times and we love them! They make for some very cute holiday hairstyles  (Reflect on our original Curlformers review, D’s Mothers’ Day Criss Cross Headband Curlformers’ Hairstyle and my short hairstyle done with Curlformers). We brought out the Curlformers twice last month for the holidays. First for Christmas photos and again for her Christmas Day style.

I did the first style with our long and wide set, but as it turned out her hair has grown a lot since we used them last and I actually had to double up on the Curlformers, lol, I used every single long and wide curler and all of our short and wide curlers to ensure all of her hair was going to be curled. I did this set on damp hair using Bee Mine Curly Butter (use discount code UTHM12HOT to get 10% off Bee Mine Products).

Cute Holiday Hairstyles

Curlformers Styles and Review

And it worked! Here are some photos from the Christmas shoot:Cute Hairstyles for the Holidays
Cute Hairstyles for Girls

By the time Christmas rolled around we had gotten our Extra Long and Wide styling kit and used it. For this set I pulled her hair half up and used some of our Curling Custard.

Curlformers styling kit reviewCurlformers setCute Hairstyles for the HolidaysHow did your little ones wear their hair for Christmas?

Cute Curlformers Hairstyles for the Holidays

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Curlformers on Straight Hair: Momma Style

There are plenty of hairstyles for girls on this site, but not too many hairstyles for women, so I wanted to do a style for the mom’s out there. This is a simple style I did using Curlformers. I used the short and wide curlers that came in our styling kit. I washed my hair, applied some Bee Mine Curly Butter (Bee Mine isn’t just for curly hair, it worked great on my straight hair), then I put the Curlformers in and wore them for about 3 hours until my hair had completely dried.

[Read more…]

SheaMoisture Review

See the “how to” for this style
I, of course, got these products from Walgreen’s during their ‘buy one get one’ sale in March. I purchased one of the Moisture Retention Shampoo, one Hold & Shine Moisture Mist, one Curl & Style Milk, one Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and two of the Deep Treatment Masques.
See the “how to” for this style

Loving the curls, still a residual feeling, twists didn’t last long:

Here is the Curlformers set we did using the smoothie, they looked nice and didn’t have the “residue” feel, but we only got one day out these curls:

See more of this style

Purchase Shea Moisture Products

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Saturdays “Shappin” Hairstyle: Happy Mothers’ Day Do

I’ve been wanting to do this style on D for a while and I just now got around to trying it. The first thing I did was wash her hair with a “new shampoo” (review coming soon!), I used our regular HEHH (on our last bottle of the old formua). I moisturized with the usual Bee Mine Dejas Hair Milk (which is almost gone, luckily there is a 15% off code floating around for Bee Mine Products!) I also use a little olive oil on her ends and scalp, they needed it. I parted out 6 small squares in front, applied Bee Mine Curly Butter and banded them into ponytails with olive oil soaked bands. 

Next I put the headband on and sectioned each ponytail into and began criss crossing them. I took a small section of hair right behind the headband to secure the criss crossed pieces to. I was happy with the way the top/front turned out, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the back…

I tried it down…

I tried it in a bun, which I liked…

But I decided I really wanted to use the Curlformers again!

And we loved it! :)

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moma’s out there!!!

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Curlformers Review

After much debating, I finally purchased a Curlformers kit. I was torn between spending the money on them or getting flexi rods. My concern with the flexi rods was: would they stay in her hair? I’ve read that they don’t stay in thin/fine hair very well. After using the Curlformers, I don’t regret my decision at all. They are easy to use and produce some amazing curls! I got the kit that includes 40 long and wide, 6 short and wide and the hook. Pictured below is a long and wide curlformer and the hook.

Curlformers Review


Curlformers Review

Curlformers have an opening at each end; this is the slot for the hook to slide through.

Curlformers Review

Once the hook is through the Curlformer, you take your section of hair, give it a twist and put it through the hook then pull the hook out, in turn pulling the hair though the Curlformer, easy as that!

Curlformers Review

The amont of time this process takes depends on the hair length, thickness and the size of sections you place in each roller. I did about 1 inch sections, used probably half of the long and wides and it took about 30
minutes…not long!

Curlformers Review

I washed her hair and put the Curlformers in while it was still wet. I used Bee Mine Curly Butter on each section of hair. She slept in them overnight and I took them out the next morning. Here are the results:

Curlformers Review


Curlformers Review
Curlformers Review

The first stranger we saw after we stepped out of the house was complimenting her curls, asking if I did this with a curling iron! I explained to her what I used and that they are a great alternative to using heat on the hair, which means less damage!
Day 2

Curlformers Review


Curlformers Review


Day 3
Curlformers Review


Curlformers Review

She didn’t feel like taking pictures that third day, but they held up pretty well for 3 days, she slept with a satin bonnet on each night. So, it’s safe to say that I love Curlformers and I can’t wait to use them more in the future!
For more information and to order your styling kit visit Culformers

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Disclosure: I purchased the Curlformer kit mentioned above with my own money.