Tween Cornrow Hairstyle

There comes a time when our little girls aren’t so little anymore and aren’t so into little girl things. D is now a tween and no longer into the beads and bows and cutesy hairstyles. She is also super busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on protective styles that can take some time to do. She has been doing her own hair from a few months now. She washes, conditions, detangles, moisturizes and even styles! Her styles are limited, right now, to ponytails, single braids and twists, but she is learning and doing a pretty good job. However, we have both gotten a little tired of the detangling sessions that ensue from her wearing her hair out/in ponytails all week long. So, we finally took the time recently to do some cornrows to give her a break from styling/detangling and me a break from hearing the gripes about it. 😉

tween hairstyle cornrows

A simple cornrow hairstyle that will hopefully last 3-4 weeks. We are currently going into week 3 and the style is holding strong, *Fingers crossed for 2 more full weeks*. She moisturizes almost everyday with our favorite, Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer, and wears her satin sleep wrap every night.

tween hairstyles cornrows

What hairstyles are your tweens into? I would love more ideas! Share them with us on our Facebook page. Until next time!




Cornrows, Braids and Box Braids: 2 Kids Hairstyles

Cute Easy Hairstyles

Today I am sharing a couple kids hairstyles that I have done recently on my daughter. These cornrows, braids and box braid styles are fairly easy (and cute), especially the first one I have for you.

kids hairstyle braids

How To:
1. Start with banded/stretched and moisturized hair. Part and cornrow 2 braids on the top/center of the head. Be sure to add a holding/moisturizing product so the style will last. My favorite is Bee Mine Curly Butter. I used that and Bee Mine Luscious when creating this style.
2. Make 2 small ponytails on each side of the cornrows, cross them over into a second ponytail to create the criss cross ponytail look, then braid or twist each ponytail.
3. Part out 4 equal ponytailed sections in the back and braid or twist each of them.

This next style was a little bit more difficult for me, I attempted some curving cornrows.
1. Start with banded/stretched hair, curve the parts for your cornrows (make the curves pretty drastic if you want the braids to appear even more curvy). I did 4 cornrows on one side of her head.
2. Create box braids on the remaining hair. Don’t forget the styling product!

box braids cornrows

This style was her back to school hairstyle this year. Check out these back to school hair ideas for more.

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Learning to Cornrow Hair Takes Practice and Patience

Learning to cornrow hair takes practice and patience. It can be discouraging when a style you have in mind doesn’t turn out. I can’t tell you how many failed style attempts I’ve had. I tried learning to cornrow and gave up several times before sticking it out. I honestly thought I would NEVER get the hang of it.


I like to think I’ve come along way with my cornrowing skills since I first started learning, like this easy cornrow style I did in my beginning days, lol, it is apparent my skills were lacking, but I don’t mind sharing, because everyone starts somewhere and everyone needs practice and anyone can learn to do it. It was definitely a process and took a lot of practice, but I watched from others, learned from my mistakes, figured out what works best for me and practiced some more while applying the cornrowing tips and tricks I was learning along the way.

This was a great protective style I did last year. Simple straight back cornrows, 2 Ki Lan style cornrows down the sides of the hairline in front and small box braids in the back. The bottom right photo are the lose braids braided and twisted up into a bun:

braids and cornrows

Another cornrow style I did:

A cute and easy style incorporating cornrows:
See a tutorial for this cute and super easy hairstyle here and also see another way to wear this style.

My point of this post is to not give up, even when discouraged. You will learn and you will get better at cornrowing, it just takes a little lot of patience and practice. Start with these tips and once you get the hang of it try some of these cornrow styles. Good luck! and Please share your progress with us on our Facebook page.

Untrained Hair Mom

Cornrow Hairstyle Tutorial

Criss Cross Over Cornrow Hairstyles

Both of these cornrow hairstyles are similar and basically start off the same way. Your parts should resemble a pie or pizza.

hair parting diagram

criss cross cornrow hairstyle

(For steps 1-3 refer back to the hair parting diagram above)
Step 1: Part hair in four sections. (front to back, ear to ear) clip each section to keep them separate

Step 2: starting with the right front section and from the center point, I parted diagonal so that I had two triangles.

Step 3: I then split those two triangles in half from the center point making 4 triangles in that 1 section. Make sure you keep the 4 triangles separate.

Step 4: starting w/ the 2 triangles at the top make a set of criss crossed cornrows (if you’re not sure how to do that see our criss cross cornrow tutorial) going to the center of the head, w/ the bottom two make 2 regular cornrows going to the center of the head.

Step 5: repeat steps 2 & 3 on the left front section. Once top portion is complete, secure w/ an ouchless band.

Step 6: untie back right section and split into 4 triangles like we did on the top and just cornrow downward.

Step 7 repeat on the other side and accessorize as you like.

girls cornrow hairstyle

(For steps 1-3 refer back to the hair parting diagram above)
Step 1: Part hair in four sections. (front to back, ear to ear) clip each section to keep them separate

Step 2: starting with the right front section and from the center point I parted diagonal so that I had two triangles.

Step 3: I then split those two triangles in half from the center point making 4 triangles in that 1 section. make sure you clip the 4 triangles separate. (as shown in the diagram above)

Step 4: Make 2 sets of criss-crossed cornrows going to the center of the head in 3 of the sections(top, bottom left). with the bottom right section
make two sets of criss-crossed cornrows going downward.

Step 5: secure the cornrows going to the center into a bun on the top of the head. Accessorize as you like!


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5 Quick Cute Hairstyles

5 Quick Cute Hairstyles

Our talented friend LaShauna, from Nothing Unruly About These Curls, comes up with some really cute and creative styles that are fairly quick and easy to do. She has shared 5 quick cute hairstyles with us that are perfect school day styles for girls.

STYLE 1: One Hairstyle Two Ways

quick cute hairstyle

This style lasted for 1 school week

To get this look:
Step 1:
  Part the hair down the middle, then tie off 1 side so that it will be out the way.
Step 2: With the loose section, part off a front ponytail and rope twist the ponytail (if you don’t know how to create rope twists see our tutorial on 2 strand rope twists).
Step 3: Make a thin cornrow behind the first ponytail
Step 4: Part off another section for the middle ponytail then make another small cornrow section beneath it.
Step 5: Make the bottom ponytail

I repeated this process on the other side. On the 3rd day I simply took the 2 front ponies sprayed them down w/ water added a moisturizer (use checkout code COLDUTHM to save on Bee Mine Products) combed them into 1 center ponytail using a toothbrush and eco-styler gel to smooth her hair. Repeat the steps for the 2nd and 3rd sections and I chose to leave the cornrowed sections alone. She wore it this way for 2 more days

STYLE 2: Small Ponytail into Big Ponytail with Twists

cute easy hairstyles

How To:
Step 1: Section hair in to 3 sections (front, middle, bottom)
Step 2: Start with the front section part the hair slightly off center. Take the smallest section of hair, pony tail it with a rubber band then rope twist it down. (I had my daughter hold it so that it wouldn’t unravel while I smoothed out bigger ponytail).
Step 3:  Connect the small twist over to the larger ponytail with a rubber band. With the hanging hair split it in two, rope twist it down and add a barrette to the ends.

For the middle & bottom section repeat the above steps, alternating the side the small ponytail is on.

STYLE 3: 5 Pony Rope Strand Twists

quick easy girls hairstyles

This is a super simple style that took me less than 30 mins to complete & lasted 3 days w/ minor touch up and accessory changes.

How To:
Step 1:
Part the hair in half from ear to ear, tie off the back half .
Step 2: For the front portion part off a small section/ponytail, secure it with an elastic then create 2 strand rope twists all the way down, tie it off with another elastic then add a barrette on top.
Step 3: For the back portion simply part off 3 vertical sections (as equal as possible) secured each with an elastic, rope twist each ponytail, add another elastic and barrette on the ends. Easy peezy!

STYLE 4: Donut Bun with Hanging Braids

easy bun hairstyles

This is an easy protective style that took less than 30 mins to complete and she wore it for 1 week with daily touch ups.

Step 1: Part off a small section on the back/bottom of her head and put it into two simple single braids. This section can be as big or small as you like.
Step 2: Put the top portion of the hair in a ponytail using a ouch-less band.
Step 3: Slide the bun maker/donut/sock bun on the ponytail. Lay the hair all around the bun maker and use a smaller tooth comb to smooth the hair down (NOT combing through the hair just smoothing it down). Add another ponytail holder around the bun, don’t wrap it, just put it on top to hold the bun in place. Cornrow or braid the free hair around the bun and bobby pin it in place, then add a cute bow.

STYLE 5: 3 Side Cornrows Into a Ponytail of Twists

easy cornrow hairstyle

Mireya wore this style for Picture day at school. it took less 30 mins to complete. the cornrows lasted all week and I redid the ponytail daily.

Step 1: Make a slanted square on the side of the head
Step 2: Part out and create 3 cornrows in that square.
Step 3: With the free hair smooth it into a side ponytail using an ouch-less cloth band.
Step 4: With the hanging hair make three 2 strand rope twists then loosely braid those twist together and secure with an ouch-less cloth band.

Guest Post by LaShauna from Nothing Unruly About These Curls

A big thanks to Shauna for sharing these styles and how-to’s with us! Try them out, don’t be afraid to put your own spin on them. And as always feel free to share them with us on our Facebook fan page. You can find us on Twitter, Pinterest, G+ community, join our blog via email and subscribe to our blog via email so you never miss a post!

Hairstyle Contributor Mo Plaits: Circle Cornrow Tutorial


Hola! Bonjour! Annyeonghaseyo! Guten Tag! Hello!!! Mo Plaits Fan Page here to shed light on not only our family life, but how we came to be!! Being a family of four has been such a blessing in itself! Starting off with the parents, my Name is Tanya and I go by Mo. Daddy is T, and our babies are Princess A (4 yrs old) and Big C (2 yrs old). While serving in the US Army I had acquired the nickname ‘MoCrib’ from a Drill Sergeant of mine. My maiden name was Morehouse, so my Drill Sergeant broke it down into Mo Crib!! This is where ‘Mo Plaits’ comes into the picture! I have always been a stylist in my eyes and having Princess A has just taken my fingers to a whole new level. We are extremely excited, and thankful nonetheless for being featured as a hairstyle contributor on Untrained Hair Mom’s blog!! You will see many styles, and how to’s for them. Please sit back and enjoy the show!!

With all our love and talent,
The Knowles Family!!

mo plaits


The first Hairstyle Tutorial from Mo Plaits is for Circle Cornrows

circle cornrow hairstyle how tocornrows in a circle pattern

Items needed:

You will need a rat tail comb/ small toothed comb, styling gel, water spray gun, and elastics for a secure hold! Ballies, barrettes, and beads are optional!

How To:

Step 1 Wet hair with water and apply a generous amount of styling gel.

Step 2 Take the end of comb and start your part from crown of head, drag comb all the way down towards end of hair line.

Step 3 Pin hair back, cornrow sectioned hair. (If you’re new to cornrowing be sure to check out our Cornrowing for Beginners post).

Step 4 For next cornrow, take end of comb and place it directly next to where the last cornrow ended, this will give the circle effect.

Step 5 Once all hair is cornrowed, braid the cornrows around head and secure end of braid with elastic. Remember for extra flare and pizzazz you may add beads or a cute set of ballies to the ends.

circle cornrowscircle cornrows

If you have any questions, or comments please check us out on our Facebook Fanpage

Mo Plaits Fan Page

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Mo Plaits is a natural hair stylist in the Bahamas. If you’re in the Bahamas, on the island of Eleuthera and need your head plaited, you can TEXT (242)470-3799 (again text only, please) for an appointment. NO false hair!! We love our natural ladies and gents and would like for you to love your own hair also!! ♥ Keep it healthy, and keep it natural!!

Top Cute Hairstyles to Try

I have an ever growing list of the top cute hairstyles that I want to try on D. Some of these styles are from fellow bloggers and other are styles I’ve found here and there across the web while browsing for hair style inspiration…we all need it sometimes! Take a look:

creative cornrows

cage braid
Cage Braid by Keyative Styles

cute hairstyle for kids

Braided cornrows
Cornrows by Mainly Braids

Kids Braided Hair Styles

Yarn twists
Yarn twists by Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care

beads braids beyond updo
Updo by Beads, Braids & Beyond

willow smith heart hair
Willow Smith Inspired Heart Hairstyle by Mainly Braids

how to cornrow a heart
Cornrow Heart by Keyative Styles

hairstyles to try
Protective Style by Braid with Me

I would love to try pretty much any style by Braid with Me

mimi braids
Mimi Braids (not quite on her cornrowing level, yet, lol)

fauw hawk cornrow
Cornrow Faux Hawk by Love Your Girls Biracial Curls

pretty hairstyles
Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

keyative styles cornrows
Another Cornrow style from Keyative Styles

Elongated twist out with no shrinkage
Elongated Twist Out (How to get a twist out without the shrinkage) by KandLandKurls

braid bun

This is a friend of mine’s hair, I love how she did this.

Have you done any styles similar to these? Share your photo’s with us on our Fanpage! You can also find us on Twitter, G+ and Pinterest.

Visit these sites for more cute hairstyle ideas:


Disclaimer: The children in these photos are not mine and I did not do these styles. I have credited each photo to the website on which they were found.

Untrained Hair Mom

Cornrow Mohawk with Morrocco Method Styling Products

cornrow mohawk

This is my second, ever, attempt at a cornrow mohawk or faux hawk hairstyle. D had swimming camp and I wanted something that was going to withstand the daily dips in the pool, and rinses and/or washes throughout the week and I thought a pomade would be best for this. So, I used this opportunity to use some new styling  pomades we’d recently received from the Morrocco Methods natural hair care line.

Our gentile pomade blend actually smoothes and conditions hair while providing that sought after texture and shine

Defining Styling Cream:          Extreme Support Pomade:

natural styling pomades

Styling Dragon Pomade: Defining Styling Cream
Ingredients: Aqua(Water), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Beeswax, Lecithin,Glycerin, Borax, Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi Oil), Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot Kernel Oil), Nardostachys Jatamansi (Spikenard Oil), Tocotrienols (Natural Vitamin E), SalixAlba (White Willow) Bark Extract
Price: $29.00, sale price $19.00 4oz

Spike-It Dragon Pomade: Extreme Support Pomade
Ingredients: Aqua(Water), Thea Sinensis Saponin (Green Tea), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Cera Alba (Beeswax), Lecithin, Glycerin, Borax, Jatropha Dioica (Blood of the Dragon), Algae (Sea Silk), Raw Honey, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil
Price: $29.00, sale price $15.00 4oz

Neither of these really have a scent, they are both natural unscented. Both products are thick, the Styling Pomade being more of a creamy pomade and the Spike-It Pomade being more of a solid waxy pomade. Below are photo comparisons to show the texture of each:

Cream:                 Pomade:
Cream:                      Pomade:
styling cream vs pomade

My first thought when I looked at the ingredients of these products was “how can these not be amazing?” There was a little part of me that feared the worst…what if her hair is dried out and feels like straw when I take her braids down…I won’t lie, that thought crossed my mind, but in my heart of hearts I knew it wasn’t going to be.

Cornrow Mohawk

I had washed and banded D’s hair the night before I did her cornrow mohawk, so when it was time to style I evenly distributed the styling cream throughout each section of her hair as I removed the bands. Starting in the front I began parting and braiding adding the pomade to each individual section of hair before I braided. When I finished, her hair looked really, really good…most of the credit going to the products and not my cornrowing abilities, lol.

cornrows for kids

Each say after swimming and rinsing I would moisturize with Bee Mine Hair Milk and spray with Morrorro Methods Styling Spritz Hair Spray for hold.
Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Whole Leaf Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Blood of the Dragon (Jatropha dioica), Marine Proteins of Sea Silk (Algae leaf extract), Kelp (Macrocystis purifera), Nori (Nori Algae), Kombu (Laminaria digitata) and Fucus (Fucus vesiculosis), Yucca (Yucca aloifolia), Cactus (Opuntia erinacea), Shea Butter (Vitellaria paradoxa), Enriched Volcanic Ash with natural plant-base Herbs and Spices, Orange Seed (Citrus sinensis), Pure Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Oil, Lemon (Citrus limon) Oil
Price: $19.00 16oz

natural styling spritz review

French braid down the center for a few days:


cornrows for kids

This was Day 5, the style was still going strong after the week of swimming, it could have lasted longer but I was anxious to take her hair down to see how it felt and to give it a good washing after all that swimming.

cornrow mohawk