23 Holiday Hairstyle Ideas for Kids

23 Holiday Hairstyle Ideas for Kids

Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

I’ve been thinking a lot about holiday hairstyle ideas for kids, trying to come up with a style for D this Christmas. I’ve look around the net, searching other hair blogs high and low and I’m bringing you 23 holiday hairstyle ideas for kids. Some are fancy, some are fun but I guarantee all of these hairstyles are adorable and each one would make a great holiday hairstyle.

Braids, Beads and a Ponytail:

festive holiday style with beadshairstyles for kids

Braids, Beads and Buns:

girls natural hairstyle girls natural hairstyle

Those two styles above were from when I first started cornrowing, so the cornrows look a little rough, lol.

Curlformer Curls

girls natural hairstyle

Christmas Fro:

girls natural hairstyle

Candy Cane Hairstyle:

Babes In Hairlandcandy cane

Girly and Curly Styles:

Cornrow headband with bantu knot out:                     Finger curls and headband:
cornrow bantu knot outfinger curls

Braided Headband

braided headband bird christmas hair

Braids and Curls:

holiday hair

I think this style from Babes In Hairland is really pretty, and would made a nice holiday hairstyle: *Updated to add: here is the direct link to the tutorial for this Vintage Crown of Pin Curls style*

pincurls style

2 Cornrows Laced with Ribbon:
mo plaits holiday hairstyle
Another cute Ribbon style (just use holiday colored ribbon):
mo plaits hairstyles

Toddler Hairstyle Ideas:
holiday hairstyle idea for toddlerstoddler hair style for Christmas

More Styles for Toddlers from Mo Plaits:
mo plaits holiday hairstylemo plaits holiday hairstyle
Toddler Christmas Twists Style:
Candy Cane Hairstyle

Check out these cute styles from Princess Piggies:
cute fun holiday hairstlyes
Love Your Girls Biracial Curls has a step by step tutorial on the Rudolf Sock Bun style.

Christmas Tree Hairstyle:
christmas tree hairstyle

I can’t credit this photo, I saw it on Facebook and I’m not sure who it belongs to (if it’s yours let me know so I can give you credit). I just loved this style and thought it would make a beautiful holiday updo:
beautiful updo style

And if your little one doesn’t have hair yet, no worries, she (or he) can always rock a santa hat :)
christmas baby
Baby D at 3 months

I hope this provides some inspiration in helping you decide on your kids holiday hairstyle. Feel free to like, share, pin, and leave a comment letting me know which styles you love best. Remember whatever style you decide to do please, please, please share it with us on our Facebook fanpage… we absolutely love seeing our readers and fans hairstyles.

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Cute Holiday Hairstyles

We have used Curlformers several times and we love them! They make for some very cute holiday hairstyles  (Reflect on our original Curlformers review, D’s Mothers’ Day Criss Cross Headband Curlformers’ Hairstyle and my short hairstyle done with Curlformers). We brought out the Curlformers twice last month for the holidays. First for Christmas photos and again for her Christmas Day style.

I did the first style with our long and wide set, but as it turned out her hair has grown a lot since we used them last and I actually had to double up on the Curlformers, lol, I used every single long and wide curler and all of our short and wide curlers to ensure all of her hair was going to be curled. I did this set on damp hair using Bee Mine Curly Butter (use discount code UTHM12HOT to get 10% off Bee Mine Products).

Cute Holiday Hairstyles

Curlformers Styles and Review

And it worked! Here are some photos from the Christmas shoot:Cute Hairstyles for the Holidays
Cute Hairstyles for Girls

By the time Christmas rolled around we had gotten our Extra Long and Wide styling kit and used it. For this set I pulled her hair half up and used some of our Curling Custard.

Curlformers styling kit reviewCurlformers setCute Hairstyles for the HolidaysHow did your little ones wear their hair for Christmas?

Cute Curlformers Hairstyles for the Holidays

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Cindy Lou Who Hairstyle Tutorial

This hairstyle was inspired by Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, this was the theme for our holiday parade, (which was actually canceled at the last minute do to the rain…but we had gotten all dressed up and ready so we took some photo’s).


Cindy Lou Who Hairstyle Tutorial

I used a party hat to create this style. I stuff the party hat with paper and taped the bottom (to keep the paper in), this made the hat stiff and ensured that it didn’t collapse.
-First, parted out the section in the back to braid and left it down. *TIP*: I had to improvise by doing the braided sections in the back, rather than on the sides, because when I first tried the style, the weight of her hair kept pulling the hat down, keeping her hair from staying on the top of her head like it needed to be. So, I put two braids in the back and then pinned them up on the sides.
-Then I placed the party hat on the top center of her head and covered it with her hair.
-I used pony tail holder to around her hair and the top of the party hat to keep everything in place.
Cindy Lou Who Hairstyle Tutorial   Cindy Lou Who Hairstyle Tutorial
Cindy Lou Who Hairstyle How To   Cindy Lou Who Hair style
Cindy Lou Who Hair style
(sorry the lighting in the photo is horrible)


Holiday Funnies

Just for fun I though I would compile some of the funny Christmas images I have been seeing on Facebook and around the web, here goes….

[Read more…]

Fun Holiday Hairstyles for Kids

Fun Holiday Hairstyles

Pretty much any hair do can be made into a “Christmas” or holiday hairstyle with the right accessories. Fancy updo’s for the holidays are nice, but what kid doesn’t love festive and fun holiday hairstyles. We changed up the classic Kai Lan inspired hair style and added some color that was perfect for Christmas. Disclaimer: I am aware that my cornrowing skills are still lacking… no one is prefect, right.

I decided to have her hair in one ponytail rather than the two buns.

Fun Holiday Hairstyles
Fun Holiday Hairstyles
Here it is with 2 buns and a matching set of bows that we got from the lovely Sassy Bow.
Kai Lan Hairstyle



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