Cornrows, Braids and Box Braids: 2 Kids Hairstyles

Cute Easy Hairstyles

Today I am sharing a couple kids hairstyles that I have done recently on my daughter. These cornrows, braids and box braid styles are fairly easy (and cute), especially the first one I have for you.

kids hairstyle braids

How To:
1. Start with banded/stretched and moisturized hair. Part and cornrow 2 braids on the top/center of the head. Be sure to add a holding/moisturizing product so the style will last. My favorite is Bee Mine Curly Butter. I used that and Bee Mine Luscious when creating this style.
2. Make 2 small ponytails on each side of the cornrows, cross them over into a second ponytail to create the criss cross ponytail look, then braid or twist each ponytail.
3. Part out 4 equal ponytailed sections in the back and braid or twist each of them.

This next style was a little bit more difficult for me, I attempted some curving cornrows.
1. Start with banded/stretched hair, curve the parts for your cornrows (make the curves pretty drastic if you want the braids to appear even more curvy). I did 4 cornrows on one side of her head.
2. Create box braids on the remaining hair. Don’t forget the styling product!

box braids cornrows

This style was her back to school hairstyle this year. Check out these back to school hair ideas for more.

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Recreated Style Contest: Entry #2

Our next entry is from loyal reader, Jianette, she redid our box braids in 2 french braids style!

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Fourth of July Hairstyle Idea: Red, White, and Blue Fireworks!

// What Independence Day celebration is complete without a festive Fourth of July hairstyle for your little one! For this 4th of July I wanted to incorporate some patriotic colored beads and create a style resembling a firework.

fireworks fourth of July hairstyle

To create this look, start with clean, detangled, well moisturized hair. Then part out a circle around your child’s head, clip the hair in the center, back out of the way and begin creating box braids.

fireworks fourth of July hairstyle

Continuing doing this around the head for 2 rounds. When you are ready to part the center circle to make it look like a “firework”, imagine cutting a pizza or a pie, and part it as such, like this:
fireworks hairstyles how to

4th of July Hairstyle Idea

hairstyles with braids and beads

The standard pony beads are from the craft section at Wal-Mart. I used some jumbo white stars, and some medium barrel red, clear, and red transparent beads for the braids in the outmost circle, I made those braids bigger so that I could use these beads, which I got from Curly Hair Princess Boutique.

star beads for hair

To secure the beads on the braids, I take the hair and fold it up over the last bead, then add the rubber and slide the other beads down over the band. This technique holds the beads on much better than just adding a rubber band to end, most beads will slip over the rubber band.

how to put beads on braids

Did you do a festive style on your little one? I would love to see it, share it on our Facebook wall.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!!


“Box” Braids Takedown

As promised here is my post on D’s box braids takedown. I had mentioned that near the end of the 2 1/2 weeks of her protective style, D had gone to her grandmas for a couple days and did lots of swimming, apparently with that swimming did some massive unraveling:


This literally happened in just two days! It looked kind off cool, but there was some major tangles! I washed her hair with the remaining braids still in, using Created by Nature Hair n Body Wash, conditioned with Bee Mine Avocado Cream Conditioner, leaving much of it in, I added some CUSH Uncoiled detangler and began finger combing/detangling. Surprisingly (to me), the tangles slid out with ease. It didn’t take long at all to detangle and get the rest of the braids out and I did most of it using my fingers, with a wide tooth comb or a rat tail comb occasionally.

Shiny, soft, moisturized, detangled hair after 2 1/2 weeks of little braids:



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Protective Styles: “Box” Braids

Protective styles are important for healthy hair; they reduce breakage, damage and shield the hair from the sun and weather. Some examples of protective styles would be box braids, twists, cornrows, buns, etc., with no rubber bands or beads. Most everyone in the hair care blogosphere is probably aware of the month long protective style challenge hosted by Beads, Braids & Beyond that recently took place and I wanted to share our protective style(s) with everyone. We chose to do small box/triangle/diamond braids, they are easy and versatile. I worked on them off and on for 2 days, starting on clean, detangled, well moisturized hair. I used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer all over, Bee Mine Curly Butter on each section before braiding, and Kinky-Curly Curling Custard on the ends as I finger curled them:


box braidshow to ends of braids

The braids lasted over 2 weeks, that is the longest amount of time a style has ever lasted for us!!! I changed up the look of her braids several ways during these two weeks. First, we simply added a headband (from Ni’s Ebony Curls Spot):

protective stylesprotective styles
protective box braids

She participated in her school’s track meet, so I put her braids in 2 french braids to keep it out of her face:

styling box braids

Then we had a french braid out, adding another cute headband for some flare (this headband was purchased locally):

box braidsbox braids

After the first week, they were still looking great.  I washed her hair using a liquid castile hair wash from the Created by Nature line, her hair was still soaking wet in this photo:

protective braids

Two cornrows in the front and a sock bun for her dance recital:

styles for box braids

Here is another way we gave the style a different look, using only the cloth Goody ponytail holders, I put the top half up in two ponytails:

styles for box braids

I had to attempt a variation of my favorite styles, the faux hawk:

styles for box braids

They had been in for 2 weeks at this point, a little unraveling of the ends and fuzzy at the top, but not too bad:

box braids

She sported them in a ponytail for a couple more days while she was at her grandmas (with lots of swimming and not much care) and then they were taken down (I’ll make a post on the takedown process). Throughout these 2 1/2 weeks, I washed her hair twice, and moisturized daily with Bee Mine Luscious, really focusing on the ends.

Ok, I would really like your feedback, which style from this post was your favorite? Also, how often do you do protective styles on your/your child’s hair?

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