Hairstyles with Beads

Hairstyles with Beads

cute bead hairstyles

Typically when we wear beads we wear them on the ends of braids (click to learn how to add beads to the ends of braids so that they stay). But recently I was inspired by a couple other hair moms to change it up and spice up our hairstyles with beads in other ways. our community on Facebook had done the following hairstyle. By adding some colored beads to ponytails and twisting a beaded braid around the hair that was left down she totally transformed the style:

This style led the mommy and former blogger of Goldilocks N Me to a pretty beaded bun style. After having trouble getting the ponytail to lay just right with the beads wrapped around she decided to twist it up into a bun and add a cute bow to create this adorable hairstyle with beads:

In turn, all of this inspired me to also add some beads to D’s double bun style:

Cute Hairstyle with Beads

She was already sporting two buns and the cornrows down the back with beads. You may even remember the sneak peak of this style in our post on protecting hair with satin lined hats in the winter, well those 2 buns were what was under her winter hat.

How to Add Beads to a Bun

To add the beads into the buns I took the bun down (leaving the hair in a ponytail) and gathered one small section from each ponytail (you could do more if you’d like), I braided the small section, beaded it all the way up using a our community on Facebook and then twisted the bead section around the rest on the hair and made a bun:

Before adding beads:                                                          After adding beads:

What "out of the ordinary hairstyles" have you done using beads? Comment below and also feel free to share your hairstyle photos with our community on Facebook.

Cornrows and Beads: Hairstyle for Kids

Cornrow hairstlye with beads for kids

I just recently got  D’s hair trimmed (I’ll post some photo’s soon), it hadn’t had a good trim since November. But before the trim I wanted to do a cornrows with beads hairstyle, she hasn’t worn beads since around the first of December when we did a fun Christmas hairstyle.

Cornrows, Beads and a Bun

For this style I started with the cornrows down the back of her head, adding heart, princess crown and regular pony beads to the ends of the braids. (Want to know how to get the beads to stay on? See our instructions on how to add beads to braids). Next I started a part above her ear and began braiding, I wasn’t sure what I was doing or how it was going to turn out, I actually almost gave up and didn’t finish the style because I didn’t think I was going to like it, but it turned out ok, I was pleasantly surprised. Once I finished the top/front cornrows I put those braids into a bun.

cornrows for kidsbraided bun cornrow hairstyle

braided bun cornrow hairstylecornrows for kids





A Sidewinder Hairstyle: Saturdays “Shappin” Style

For this sidewinder hairstyle we did the basic 2 ponies in the front, 1 in the back, I braided each ponytail in small braids and added our mixed and matched Sidewinder Hairholders, with star, heart and barrel beads on the ends.
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Recreated Style Entry #3

This style was done by Kim over at, on her neice Diva:

This is a recreation of our Jumbo Beads and Braids hairstyle:
It’s not too late to enter our Recreate a Hairstyle Contest, so send us photos of the styles we inspired!


Crossed Braids, Finger Curled Ponytails Hairstyle

Cute Girl Hairstyles: Criss Cross Braids and Finger Curled Ponytails

cute girl hairstyles

For this style I made 8 small braids in the front and crossed 6 of them into 2 ponytails in the back. I finger curled sections of the ponytails and left 2 hanging braids on each side, to which I added some glow in the dark star beads.

cute girl hairstyles

cute hairstyles for girls
cute girl hairstyles
cute girl hairstyles

On day 2 of this style we went out to eat with some friends, D wanted to wear this white dress and added the white flower clip herself…pretty shappin’!!

Fourth of July Hairstyle Idea: Red, White, and Blue Fireworks!

// What Independence Day celebration is complete without a festive Fourth of July hairstyle for your little one! For this 4th of July I wanted to incorporate some patriotic colored beads and create a style resembling a firework.

fireworks fourth of July hairstyle

To create this look, start with clean, detangled, well moisturized hair. Then part out a circle around your child’s head, clip the hair in the center, back out of the way and begin creating box braids.

fireworks fourth of July hairstyle

Continuing doing this around the head for 2 rounds. When you are ready to part the center circle to make it look like a “firework”, imagine cutting a pizza or a pie, and part it as such, like this:
fireworks hairstyles how to

4th of July Hairstyle Idea

hairstyles with braids and beads

The standard pony beads are from the craft section at Wal-Mart. I used some jumbo white stars, and some medium barrel red, clear, and red transparent beads for the braids in the outmost circle, I made those braids bigger so that I could use these beads, which I got from Curly Hair Princess Boutique.

star beads for hair

To secure the beads on the braids, I take the hair and fold it up over the last bead, then add the rubber and slide the other beads down over the band. This technique holds the beads on much better than just adding a rubber band to end, most beads will slip over the rubber band.

how to put beads on braids

Did you do a festive style on your little one? I would love to see it, share it on our Facebook wall.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!!