Bee Mine Product Recommendations and 2015 Discount

Edited (Sept, 2015) to add: Updated Bee Mine Discount Code UTHM15, no minimum purchase!

I often get asked for product recommendations and suggestions. So, here is a quick list of our absolute favorite natural hair care products. I’ve tried A LOT of hair products on my daughter and these are by far the best for us. They are in the mid to high end price range for products, but you get what you pay for and these products are worth it. It doesn’t take much, so these products last… a little goes a long way.  You can check out our Hair Care Routine to see how and when we use these products.  Click the links for products below to read our more detailed reviews of each.  Use checkout code UTHM115 at to get 10% off these products when you order them. Smile

Bee Mine discount code 2015

Product Recommendations:

-Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo –This shampoo cleans and gets rid of build up naturally and gently without over-drying the hair.
Shampoo Bar  (same as above, I love it in bar form)
-BEE•U•Ti• FUL Deep Conditioner
Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer – This is an amazing moisturizer that truly hydrates the hair, it is a little on the heavy side, so if you or your child has thinner/finer hair that needs a lighter moisturizer you may want to go with the Deja’s Hair Milk.
Deja’s Hair Milk – This is a great detangler and moisturizer, it is by no means skimpy but it is a lighter consistency, more like a lotion than a cream. If you need a heavier, creamier moisturize go with the Luscious.
Bee Hold Curly Butter – This one gives a great hold that does not dry the hair out, makes those natural curls pop by defining them and controlling frizz and fly aways.
-Bee Mine Juicy Spritz – A refresher and moisturizing spray to freshen up styles and curls, smells amazing too!
-Hair and Scalp Moisturizer – This is an oil (can be in liquid or solid form is colder), it is great to massage into the scalp and to seal in moisture on the hair. I love this! If I don’t have any on hand then I simply use grape seed, coconut oil, castor oil or argan oil instead.

I hope you enjoyed this quick run down if products recommendtions, if you have any other questions feel free to use the contact form or hit me up on facebook. Now head over to and use checkout code UTHM15 this summer to save $$$!!