Fro’s on the Fourth: 4th of July Hairstyle

fros on the fourth

Last year for the Fourth of July our hairstyle of choice was a parting style that resembled a firework with braids and red, white and blue beads. This year we decided to rock the big hair for Fro’s on the Fourth. We are also taking part in the 3 day Frotective Style Challenge from Baby Big Hair. Since it is super hot these days we went with pig tail puffs to help keep the hair off of D’s neck. Prior to these puffs, D was rocking cornrows, I simply removed the cornrows and combed her hair out adding a little bit of Blended Beauty Light Down and Out (be looking for more on this product in our wash and go series), first I used a wide tooth comb and then used our Tangle Teezer.

Fro's on the Fourth

D had a busy Fourth of July, she was in the parade and performed at the park…enjoy these Frotos from our Fourth!


Fourth of July Hair

Fro's on the Fourth

fro's on the forth

pigtail puffs


We hope everyone had a great 4th of July! How did you or your little one rock the hair? We’d love to see, submit your photos to our Facebook page!

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Inspired Style…? Claudio from Coheed and Cambria Hair

Was this an inspired style? Lol not exactly… awesome hair like this just happens.

Claudio from Coheed and Cambria Hair

We jokingly call this photo “D’s Claudio Hair”, Claudio is the front man of one of my favorite bands, Coheed and Cambria.

Coheed and Cambria hair

Claudio Sanchez

Take a look at this live video of Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria, one of my favorites!