Two Strand Twist Hairstyles

5 Quick Cute Hairstyles

5 Quick Cute Hairstyles

Our talented friend LaShauna, from Nothing Unruly About These Curls, comes up with some really cute and creative styles that are fairly quick and easy to do. She has shared 5 quick cute hairstyles with us that are perfect school day styles for girls.

STYLE 1: One Hairstyle Two Ways

quick cute hairstyle

This style lasted for 1 school week

To get this look:
Step 1:
  Part the hair down the middle, then tie off 1 side so that it will be out the way.
Step 2: With the loose section, part off a front ponytail and rope twist the ponytail (if you don’t know how to create rope twists see our tutorial on 2 strand rope twists).
Step 3: Make a thin cornrow behind the first ponytail
Step 4: Part off another section for the middle ponytail then make another small cornrow section beneath it.
Step 5: Make the bottom ponytail

I repeated this process on the other side. On the 3rd day I simply took the 2 front ponies sprayed them down w/ water added a moisturizer (use checkout code COLDUTHM to save on Bee Mine Products) combed them into 1 center ponytail using a toothbrush and eco-styler gel to smooth her hair. Repeat the steps for the 2nd and 3rd sections and I chose to leave the cornrowed sections alone. She wore it this way for 2 more days

STYLE 2: Small Ponytail into Big Ponytail with Twists

cute easy hairstyles

How To:
Step 1: Section hair in to 3 sections (front, middle, bottom)
Step 2: Start with the front section part the hair slightly off center. Take the smallest section of hair, pony tail it with a rubber band then rope twist it down. (I had my daughter hold it so that it wouldn’t unravel while I smoothed out bigger ponytail).
Step 3:  Connect the small twist over to the larger ponytail with a rubber band. With the hanging hair split it in two, rope twist it down and add a barrette to the ends.

For the middle & bottom section repeat the above steps, alternating the side the small ponytail is on.

STYLE 3: 5 Pony Rope Strand Twists

quick easy girls hairstyles

This is a super simple style that took me less than 30 mins to complete & lasted 3 days w/ minor touch up and accessory changes.

How To:
Step 1:
Part the hair in half from ear to ear, tie off the back half .
Step 2: For the front portion part off a small section/ponytail, secure it with an elastic then create 2 strand rope twists all the way down, tie it off with another elastic then add a barrette on top.
Step 3: For the back portion simply part off 3 vertical sections (as equal as possible) secured each with an elastic, rope twist each ponytail, add another elastic and barrette on the ends. Easy peezy!

STYLE 4: Donut Bun with Hanging Braids

easy bun hairstyles

This is an easy protective style that took less than 30 mins to complete and she wore it for 1 week with daily touch ups.

Step 1: Part off a small section on the back/bottom of her head and put it into two simple single braids. This section can be as big or small as you like.
Step 2: Put the top portion of the hair in a ponytail using a ouch-less band.
Step 3: Slide the bun maker/donut/sock bun on the ponytail. Lay the hair all around the bun maker and use a smaller tooth comb to smooth the hair down (NOT combing through the hair just smoothing it down). Add another ponytail holder around the bun, don’t wrap it, just put it on top to hold the bun in place. Cornrow or braid the free hair around the bun and bobby pin it in place, then add a cute bow.

STYLE 5: 3 Side Cornrows Into a Ponytail of Twists

easy cornrow hairstyle

Mireya wore this style for Picture day at school. it took less 30 mins to complete. the cornrows lasted all week and I redid the ponytail daily.

Step 1: Make a slanted square on the side of the head
Step 2: Part out and create 3 cornrows in that square.
Step 3: With the free hair smooth it into a side ponytail using an ouch-less cloth band.
Step 4: With the hanging hair make three 2 strand rope twists then loosely braid those twist together and secure with an ouch-less cloth band.

Guest Post by LaShauna from Nothing Unruly About These Curls

A big thanks to Shauna for sharing these styles and how-to’s with us! Try them out, don’t be afraid to put your own spin on them. And as always feel free to share them with us on our Facebook fan page. You can find us on Twitter, Pinterest, G+ community, join our blog via email and subscribe to our blog via email so you never miss a post!

Mo Plaits: Two Strand Rope Twists Tutorial

Mo Plaits is back with this cute natural hairstyle consisting of medium sized boxes with two strand rope twists and beads for added flair.

two strand rope twists

What you will need to complete this hairstyle:
Rat tail comb
Water bottle
Leave in conditioner (our favorite is African Pride Shea Butter Moisture Intense or Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk from the natural hair care line Bee Mine which you can get online at and save 10% with our reader discount code COLDUTHM )
Beads or clipstwo strand rope twists

Two Strand Rope Twists

Two Strand Rope Twists How To:
Step 1: Part as small or big of sections as you would like, we decided to go with medium sized boxes.
Step 2: After you’re done parting a section, pin the rest of the hair back to make it easier to work with, and take half of the hair in one hand and half of the hair in the other hand.
Step 3: You’re going to twist both sections the same direction, and wrap them around each other the opposite direction that you twisted the hair in. For example: The twist on the right side will go clockwise and the twist on the left side will also go clockwise. When you wrap them around each other (do not let go of the twisted sections keep them twisted tightly) you will wrap them counter clockwise.
Step 4: You can put beads or hair clips on the ends for a cute and fashionable flair!
And you’re finished, now go try it.. two strand rope twists are a lot easier than ya think!!


mo plaits sig
    Find Mo Plaits on Facebook

Don’t forget that that Mo Plaits is now taking appointments for natural hair styles. She is located on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. To schedule your appointment you can TEXT (242)-470-3799 (again text only, please). Whether you are wanting plaits, locs, braids, a trim or hair cut, twists, curls, extensions… you name is Mo Plaits is your go to natural hair stylist in the Bahamas.

mo plaits natural hair stylist

Let Mo Plaits know what you think of her style tutorials and what style how-to’s you’d like to see from her in the future by leaving a comment below.

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Faux Hawk Hairstyle on Long Hair

Faux hawks or Mohawk hairstyles can easily be done on long hair. For this month’s Hair Carnival the bloggers and I decided to pair up and recreate styles from one another. I paired up with Girly and Curly and did our own rendition of their flat twist faux hawk.

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Inspired Style: Flat Twists and Rose Bun Hairstyle

Welcome to our first Inspired Style posting, where we find styles that are creative and inspiring and recreate them in our own way.
rolling flat twists

This style was inspired by this photo I saw on Hydratherma Naturals

protective twists



Flat Twists and Rose Bun hairstyle

I did my own variation of this style by doing 3 rolling/flat twists on the side, then I put the rest of her hair into a pony tail off the other side in the back. I did about six 2 strand twists and then pinned them up into a bun. I used a different product, that is new to us and that review will be coming soon! :) *Update read the review on the WonderCurl Products we used for this style*

rose bun
twisted bun

bun with bow

I custom ordered this bow from My 3 Sweet Peas Boutique

zebra bow

zebra print shirt necklace edit

Her necklace was bought locally.


Hope you all enjoyed our first segment of Inspired Style!

Saturday’s “Shappin” Hairstyle: Triangle Flat Twists and 2 Strand Hanging Twists

This Saturday’s style was the only style from our recent SheaMoisture products reveiw that hadn’t been shown on our “Shappin” Style section, so I wanted to get it up.

This one was a first for me, as I had never parted triangle sections for flat rolling twists before. I started out parting the triangle in the center, then twisted the hair and made 2 more triangle twists, one on each side of the first.  With the hair that was remaining on the sides I did 2 strand hanging twists. As I always do, I had soaked the rubber bands used to secure the twists in olive oil prior to styling. I also added some of the cute butterfly clips I received from Once Upon a Curl. For the hanging twists I added some jumbo beads on the ends, those were also from Once Upon a Curl.

(Sometimes when it comes to photos and kiddos…you take what you can get, lol)

That wraps up this week’s shappin’ style, hope you all enjoyed it and found it inspirational.

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