School Photo’s and Family Portraits: Tips and Hairstyle Ideas

School Photo Hairstyle Ideas

D just recently had her spring photo’s at school made. I always struggle with how to style her hair for photo’s. I want her hair to be done and styled nicely, of course, but I also like her to look like her in the photo’s. She’s worn her natural curls, curlformer curls, classic pig tails and flat twists in previous years. This year I decided to do our favorite easy updo hairstyle.

School picture hairstyle

Past School Photo’s:

school photo hairstyles

I honestly almost skipped out on getting D’s solo school photo’s this year because it’s time for us to do another family portrait, but we’ve been putting it off. Does anyone else dread family photo’s? Have you skipped the family portrait in years past because it just isn’t worth the fight?

Family Portrait Tips

I know from experience that getting the entire family together for pictures can be worse than pulling teeth. The days leading up to the event can be stressful, and all you want is for people to see how happy your family is. I’ve learned to face the fact that there isn’t a family out there that is completely happy all the time. And sometimes the best pictures are the ones that show the reality of that moment in your lives.

-Think about hiring a photographer that doesn’t expect you to sit perfectly arranged in front of a white background. Take your family to the park or maybe a museum and get action shots of you all enjoying the day together.

-Sitting still with a fake smile is not fun for anyone, unless you are one of the rare that feels natural in front of the lens. It is rare to find an entire family of photogenic people. Cater your photos to your family’s needs and have fun with the shoot.

– Don’t spend a fortune on outfits for the kids and try to force them to wear clothes they hates. Instead use a coupon site to find coupon codes for stores that have outfits that will make them happy to be in front of the camera, or at least they will be happy to have something they will want to wear again. (And don’t forget our Bee Mine code to help you save on hair products: UHTMFALL).

Remember, it is a fact of life that very little goes as planned.  Acknowledge that pictures are meant to capture real life and if that still doesn’t sit well with you, be thankful that technology allows us to edit photos any way we choose, lol.

Have you had a bad “family portrait experience”? Got any other tips to add?

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  1. Katherine G says:

    I love her hair in all her photos. She is a beautiful girl.

  2. She is beautiful. I love the do.

    Oh yes on the family photos. My husband hates any photo equipment pointed at him and so it’s a rare thing for us to take family photos. He has now mentioned it again and I’m glad it came from him :)

    But I agree on the fake smile. I say if you feel it, show it, just don’t be rude.
    Like if I want a photo of my daughter or son and they are upset and don’t want to smile. I don’t care, I just take the photo anyway. Why fake the smile :)

    Good luck with your family photos!

  3. Cute pics and I love the updo style! We’ve only taken a family photo once, that was a few years ago, it’s probably time again to do it.