Save on Babies, Kids and Womens Clothes: Zulily


I normally don’t post about the deals on Zulily, but they’ve got some really cute stuff this morning. Zulily is a website that has daily specials and deals on babies, kids and womens clothes, shoes, accessories and more. Today they have super cute clothes, swimwear and shoes on sale.


I got D a pair of KSwiss tennis shoes, 2 pair of denim capris and a pair of denim shorts, all for under $50. I am super excited, lol,. This girl goes through shoes like nobody’s business, and even good quality shoes, she is able to wear them out in several months time. And lately I have been having the hardest time finding denim capris for girls… just denim capris..typically all I can find in stores are colorful with plaid or some type of pattern, which are cute and she has some of those, but I like to have denim, it goes with everything!


Oh yeah, and they’ve even got Britax Carseats, today for under $200, I paid almost $300 for Baby Boys, totally worth it though, because I love that carseat!


So, on Zulily you can find super cute things at great prices and they send their daily specials to your inbox every morning. Items/sizes do tend to sell out fairly quickly, so you usually have to catch them early.


I also found this coupon code, SAVEZU453, that gives you an extra 10% off orders of $50 or more at Zulily. Happy shopping!!



  1. Danielle says:

    Love that site! Whenever we need something we always check here first.