Saturdays “Shappin” Hairstyle: Kai-Lan Inspired Buns and Braids

This is a great summer style, because the nature of the buns protect the hair, especially the ends, from the sun and water if there is swimming involved. D’s hair had been washed, detangle and moisturized with Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer prior to styling. To create this look, I started by parting down the middle then parting out the sections in the front I wanted to cornrow. I made 2 ponytails, putting each in 2 braids.


I then twisted the braids into buns and secured them with cloth bands and added scrunchies over each bun. Lastly, I did the 2 cornrows in front along her hair line…now my cornrows aren’t perfect, lol, I am still working on those.



She wore it like this for a day, then I added the front braids to her buns and she wore it that way for several days.


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  1. amandak23k says:

    Very cute and simple!! My daughters hair isn't long enough, her buns are soo small!!

  2. Haha…awww! This is too cute! My daughter would love this!

  3. Love it! Really cute.

  4. Precious says:

    Love it! Really

  5. Thank you all :)

  6. Nice Style & kid friendly. Keep Up The Great Work!


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